New Poetry

This is a new piece for my Poetry section. I decided I would display any new poems here for a few days then move them to the Poetry page, that way you’ll be able to read the new works first before they go off to the Never Never Land of my Poetry page. Organization is key to these things!

Anyway – This piece is an origin work that I did for one of my creative writing classes at UAA. The University of Alaska Anchorage…sigh, my old alma mater. (For those of you who don’t know, that statement was not sentimental but actually done in jest because I JUST graduated last May. It’s an odd feeling not going back to school.).

On to the poem, shall we?

I Am From

I am from Edward and Deborah,
Beatrice and William,
Francis and Elisabeth.
From Staten Island, New York
where pollution litters the air.

I am from pile high plates of food
because there’s no second chances
and veal cutlet parmesan with spaghetti
on Sundays.

I am from wing-nuts, teachers,
soldiers, accountants, and bosses.
From humor, diligence, arguments, 
and happiness.

I am from, “I am learning and I will make 
and “one for the bucket, one for me.”

I am from Roman Catholics,
Latin masses, small churches,
and two Fathers, both named Leo.

I am from camp-outs, RV trips,
Disney World, Orange Lake, and cruises.
From board games on Thursday,
pizza night on Friday,
and cartoons on Saturday.
From Mom’s spaghetti house,
Ah Sa Won Dad,
and s’more bars made by Jessie.

I am from seizures and colds,
Alzheimer’s and heart problems,
hospitals, prematurity, and C-sections.

I am from optimism and sarcasm
fun and laughter,
from fights and tears and apologies.
And one day I will use these things in my past
to create 
a future all my own.


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