Writers conference, day one

Today officially marked the first day of the AK Writers Guild Writers Conference – though technically it was called the “pre-conference opening event.”

We, the conference-goers, got to tour the AT Printing and Publishing factory! It all started with a lovely reception in the upper portion of the factory, there was food, drinks, and pleasant company. We introduced ourselves and began the tour, breaking into two groups and wandering around the factory.

I have to say it was a pretty interesting tour, I saw how books were cut, bound, and designed. The stamping process was particularly interesting. They used to have this huge camera-like device take the pictures and then have to develop them in a dark room, five or six people would have to work the device. Now times have swept that old style under the rug, the same thing is done by a single computer and a single person! The knowledge made me pause for a moment, it’s amazing the leaps and bounds humans make, when given enough time.

The rest of the tour was interesting as well, binding and cutting, folding and packing, it was quite an eye-opener. I had a good time and met some pretty nice people (though I must admit I was slightly awkward for a little bit, I was clearly the youngest person there). It was fun to speak to people with so much experience though.

Tomorrow is the Meet and Greet… And I’m actually going to it. Shocking I know! I’m usually such a wallflower but not this time. Plus I know someone there, one of the conference speakers in fact. I can use that connection as a speaking point when talking to others and, when we’re not mingling, we can hang out together! It should be an interesting experience.

I’ll be blogging about the Conference each night for the weekend so be sure to check back if you’re interested.
Warm regards,


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