Writer Conference, Day Two

The Meet and Greet was a huge success, or so I heard, I decided not to go because I didn’t know it was an event you had to pay for (I was outraged and confused).

However, the official Day Two of my foray into the Writers Conference was quite fun. The speakers were inspiring. Patricia Fry, John Vorhaus Verna Dreisback, and Matthew Pizzo were the session speakers I had the pleasure to listen to. From them I learned about the publishing world, the query Letter, the elevator pitch, and the truthful liars.

John and Verna were my two favorites today.

John was absolutely hilarious, he spoke volumes about combating writers block, facing the fear, and even electronic publishing. His idea about writers block was especially fascinating. He said that if you ever do get writers block it’s merely fear and judgement manifesting itself in your “right brain” and all you really need to do is gather information… gathering information activates your “left brain” and allows you to work on something you can control and not pass judgement on yourself. Doing this action ultimately allows you to solve the problems you were having in the first place because when you gather more information your “right brain” is able to solve the issues.

Anyway, it was an amazing talk and I’ll delve more into it tomorrow because right now I am quite tired.

Warm regards,


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