Dark Poetry

A darker version of myself lives these…

The Nightmare of Revenge

Black roads, white rain,
and leaves of gray

blurs outward into the night.

A hint of orange on the rose

suspended above the frame.

Her numb hand stretches forth to me

my old ring, now hers, glints dark.

The suitor lay dead on the floor.

Shutting the door, I walk on.


The dark, dreary, dorm room seemed empty after the fight,

An angry lonely lover stalked out into the night,

A picture of the perfect couple lay out, torn in two,

While trembling hands wiped the tears long after he bid her adieu.

Coma Patient

I tell someone the truth

But they don’t seem to care.
I tell someone the truth

But they pretend to not care.
My voice shakes out

But they can’t be unaware.

They treat me like a victim

When I’m not trying to be.

They treat me like some victim

When I don’t want to be.

I have to speak the truth

Because they can’t clearly see.

I’m awake. I’m alive.

I can see things just like you.

I am awake, I am alive!

I can feel things just like you.

They walk around ignoring me,

It’s like they’re bidding me adieu.

I lie here day by day

Shouting endlessly.

I stay here day by day

Yelling constantly.

My mind screams the truth

But no one can hear me.


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