Getting Out There

This past month I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with some of Anchorage’s most talented dancers and choreographers. The Momentum Dance Collective is putting on a show that combines dance with poetry, two art forms, radically different, yet both pulsing with beat. About a month ago I submitted one poem called The Criminality of Love to the program, really not thinking that I’d get in, but lo and behold they picked my piece!

The lovely thing about this experience is that my poem is one of many poems that were selected for this special performance and will actually be the inspiration for a dance choreographed by this wonderful woman named Therese (one of the artists in the studio). Yet not only is my work the inspiration for the dance, it’s also within the dance! I get to record my poem so it can be played in the background!!

This week I got to see a rehearsal of the dance Therese created. I went to the Out North Studio on Sunday, and was introduced to Therese as “your poet” (which, I have to admit, made me smile like a huge dork and puff up a little bit). There were two dancers performing the piece and, let me tell you, they were amazing! The dance was so powerful, connected and sexual, incredibly raw and unbelievably harsh, yet gentle and loving at the same time. I was quite thrilled that Therese gleaned so much out of my poem. It’s an authors dream to be recognized, and an authors job to have the audience understand the core of the work, understand and relate to it as well, and Therese did just that.

This afternoon I recorded my poem on this little MacBook of mine and sent it to Therese to play in the background. She loved it! (Whoot!)

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see the actual performance, I’m going on vacation for three weeks and it just happens (as the fates would have it) that those dates are when the performances will be. Irony. I would have loved to see the other dances and hear the other poems! Yet I can’t be too sad though because my poem is still the inspiration for an intense dance and will be played during the performance! How amazing is that? And heck, I’ll be there in spirit.

Honestly, I’m just stoked that my poem is out there. It’s out there! I’m so happy.

On that happy note, though, I really must be off. Just so you know, I might be a little late next week, we’re going to be traveling for a while to get to the Lower 48 so I apologize in advance for it.

Warmest regards,

Postscript – There’s termination dust on the mountains!! Winter’s icy fingers are inching closing and I couldn’t be happier!


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