The Tool Box website

I’m amazed to see how far the world of art has traveled, how art has helped others. Creating something – drawings, paintings, sculptures, poetry, prose – just the act of creating something helps. Helps to relieve stress, helps to channel the energy – bad or good – into something productive, helps to heal. This website, Tool Box, does just that, it attempts to heal by expressing art of all mediums.

I submitted one of my poems entitled Shards of Blue. The lovely Elise accepted. So now it’s on the website. Hopefully my words will help someone out there, hopefully the poem will inspire them to do better, to be greater, or at least… to remember.

The works there ones born of pain, of anxiety, of suffering. The works there are beautiful. Check it out, you won’t be sorry.

Warmest regards,


8 thoughts on “The Tool Box website

  1. Kellie, thanks for showcasing this site. Like the concept and the entries. Particularly like your “Of Shards and Snowflakes” — that is a top-rate poem!!!

    • Thanks so much! I really enjoyed the site and thought I should share it with everyone. And thanks, I had tons of fun writing that poem.

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