Back from vacation. I need another one just to recover…

Well, my fellow writers, I am finally back from my crazy-long vacation. It was quite the good time but I felt badly for neglecting this blog of mine. Anyway, on the flight home I had some time (lots of time really but that’s besides the point) so I decided to write a a poem of apology with a nod to This Is Just To Say by William Carlos Williams. If you’ve read it, you know what is about to flow over these pages:


Undone Blog Posts

I have neglected
the blog
that is on
this virtual site

That you, readers, probably
with your morning breakfast
or late at night.

Forgive me, my vacation was fun
so warm
and so inviting.


I also wrote two more poems on the plane named Rant, Insanity and Hide the Notebook (my personal favorite from the bunch, which nodded back to both my youth and only a week ago.) I will feature them both now…


Rant, Insanity

This airplane is cramped but I can deal with it
This airplane is smelly but I don’t really mind
The people snore, the babies cry, and every now and then
my shoulder, knee, computer, eye
is poked by some idle passerby.
These events are annoying,
aggravating, nettling, niggling
but do you know what the worst part is?
It’s the god
humming noise
constantly in the background.
A shushing sound if you will,
a drunk man trying to be quiet,
the whoosh of recycled air circulating again.
It should be considered noise pollution
somewhere, anywhere that is not only my mind
surely someone else shares in my pain
Well then.
You’d think I’d get used to it.
I don’t. Didn’t. Won’t.
Yet I still ask myself the same question
and the only reply is always the same


Hide the Notebook

My computer ran out of power
blip, died,
abandoned me.
In the midst of an eight hour flight
and my novel-writing
my Mac decided enough was enough
and shut down.
Fear not, though, I was rescued
(as any damsel in distress should be)
by the cute guy sitting a row over.
He sparked a great love affair
between pen, paper, and imagination,
a menage a trois, if you will,
transforming Cute Guy into a myriad of men:
Fantasy Winged Man
Hunk on a Rock with Unrealistic Muscles
Fox-Guy Lounging About and
(my personal favorite)
Sexy Dryad Dude.
Needless to say
I was happy that Mac
abandoned me.
Writing with pen and paper hidden away
is easier than on computers anyone can turn on.


That is all for now, I hope you enjoyed the poems, as always, feedback would be lovely. I’ll update again soon (most likely tomorrow, since it’s a holiday!). Until next time, fellow writers, readers, and bloggers.

Warm regards,