I’m online!

I am officially a “Guest Poster” on Write Anything, a blog about writing, style and many other things. I submitted an article a while back and they accepted it! (Whoot!)

Discovering Your Druthers

Read it! Read it and weep at my lovely writing style and overall narrative flow. Or just skim, drink coffee and critique. Whichever works.

Sorry for the short (and random Wednesday) posting, but I figured my followers might like to know about my various successes in the writing world. (Also, does that sound self-centered to you?)

Warm regards,

Why, oh why, did I have to mention Snowball?

So as you may or may not know I’ve been looking for a job lately, part-time, full-time, any-time really as long as it pays and I can do some decent work. Because I’ve been applying for jobs I’ve also been interviewing for jobs (yay) and just this past Wednesday I was able to interview for a really cool Proposal Specialist gig at a building company in Anchorage. I was pretty happy that I got the interview because it was a writing job. I love writing. Anyway… here’s how it went down:

8:00 – wake up, groggily because I had little sleep
8:15 – make oatmeal/blueberries for breakfast, begin eating
8:30 – decide to look up the address once more just so I know where to drive to in town
8:31 – realize that the address given to me lead me to the middle of a road, not an actual building
8:31.01 – begin to freak out, spend the next 45 minutes attempting to find out where the building is
9:15 – go out to my car, start it, plug in my Nuvi with the directions, hoping it will help. It dies.
9:15.01 – curse the nuvi to the deepest region of hell where it can “recalculate” there for the rest of its measly battery life (which is depleted anyway)
9:16 – run, like heck, back upstairs and hastily scribble the directions on paper to do it “old school” (aka, without technology)
9:30 – *finally* leave the house and begin driving to the mystery address (without finishing breakfast)
9:45 – begin cursing internally at the stupid drivers we have here
9:58 – park, run up to the building, cannot find the entrance into the freakin’ building
9:59 – get into the building, say my name and interview information, sit down… 5 minutes pass, then the interviewers walk in, shake my hand and sit down…
10:05  – “Here’s the first question. Please describe an event in which you have lost something, it’s open-ended so answer however you’d like to.”
10:06 – … (internally thinking back on my past experiences, work, volunteering, schooling, and ending up empty, while they give me a stare that could bore through the soul of an elephant)
10:07 – finally blurt out into the heavy silence – “I lost my cat!” to which they go “huh?” and I continue “my cat… he died over the summer…”
11 – after 45 minutes of questions, they shake my hand, tell me to have a good day and expect to hear from them in two weeks yay or nay.
11:05 – leave building, get into car, drive away

It was not a pleasant experience, although I did have a few high points in the interview as well so not all was lost.

I’m back on the hunt, though, searching online and in the classified sections in the paper. It’s a long process but I hope to have a job sometime soon. Maybe after the holiday rush things will be better? Who knows.

Warmest regards,