I’m online!

I am officially a “Guest Poster” on Write Anything, a blog about writing, style and many other things. I submitted an article a while back and they accepted it! (Whoot!)

Discovering Your Druthers

Read it! Read it and weep at my lovely writing style and overall narrative flow. Or just skim, drink coffee and critique. Whichever works.

Sorry for the short (and random Wednesday) posting, but I figured my followers might like to know about my various successes in the writing world. (Also, does that sound self-centered to you?)

Warm regards,


6 thoughts on “I’m online!

    • Ahhhhhh! A new up-and-coming writer whom I know quite well from our combined efforts to get published and our crazy creative writing club! Hello, friend! Love the name, by the way, and the new blog, very well done indeed.

      • Thank you, thank you. I’m having fun getting all this set up. I need to tackle photos next…

      • You’re quite welcome. It is fun starting a new project. Pictures aren’t that hard to include, if you need any help don’t hesitate to ask!

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