The New Look

Soooo, here’s it is!

It was a headache trying to set this baby up (domain names, you can’t change them, who would have thought?) but, with a few alterations here and there, I’ll be able to get this thing running, smooth as warmed honey.

Now, time to search out the blogs I followed previously and convince my followers I’m not a creeper. I’m not, really.

I’ll be sure to post a writing-inspired snippet tomorrow!

Until then!
Warmest regards,


4 thoughts on “The New Look

  1. You might want to try, “Have Pen, Will Write” The repetition of pen is a little jarring to me. By the way, got your new chapter!

    • Hmm, really? I liked the repetition and play on words. I’ll think about it though, thanks for the suggestion! Like I said, it’s a crazy experience. You did? WHoot! I hope you enjoy reading it!!!

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