Spurred on by Submissions

Submission deadlines are the best thing to motivate an uninspired writer. The deadlines for contests come up fast, unyielding hooks ready to yank the story out from under you. It’s the perfect stimulant for a write who, perhaps by their own doing or by some outside distraction, has stopped honing their skills. Either the story or poem, or flash is completed and sent in to the intangible, all-knowing judges assigned to decide your work’s fate, or it’s not. (And I don’t know about you, but I usually feel devastated if I don’t get a piece completed in time for a contest I really wanted to be involved in.) Simple as that.

For example, my poetry has been put on hold for awhile, longer than I really like to go without penning something poetic. Alas, my novel has taken over my muse and held it captive for quite some time and, understandably, my poetry has suffered. So, because of this, this past week I’ve really been focusing on my submission pieces, getting in poems and short stories that I’ve been re-working (or creating) to the various contests I’ve found. Thus far I’ve submitted one poem (and one short story) to the Anchorage Daily News, one poem to Ice Floe, and three poems to Message in a Bottle. I’m quite excited about all three of the contests so here’s hoping I get a good reply. What’s more is that, on top of the contests, I’ve been writing a ton of other random poems as well. It’s great!

I think I’ve been bitten by the submission bug (a fiery thing with large jaws) because I’m submitting to other contests too. By this Friday, I plan on having a rough draft of what I’m submitting to Live Life: A Daydreamers Journal, as well as have a solid idea as to what to write for RAW (Radical Arts for Women). Both of the contests call for short stories, which is also good, because I do need to work on my prose writing, developing more concise images, beautiful descriptions (with metaphors and similes), that sort of thing.

The moral of this post? Well, if you feel like you’re in a rut, just find some writing contests that intrigue you and submit before the deadline passes! It’ll get you writing again, and really, isn’t that what we want anyway?

Until next time!
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16 thoughts on “Spurred on by Submissions

      • That’s really exciting and cool. The new site hasn’t done anything yet because 1) I don’t have an audience and 2) my writing publishes biased on communities and inspiration (only one which has me posting regularly). Both of those are fine by me.

      • Ahh, well you should promote it more then if it’s based on communities! Get it out there, make new friends, find new writers, and see what type of an audience you can generate!

      • Well, I’m still working on my sci-fi novel, up to chapter 12 thus far! I’m also going to be starting another novel – perhaps a novella – a lighter one than the sci-fi, fantasy in genre.

      • Really? I love science-fiction! You can pretty much make up anything you please, as long as you can justify it with some element of science. Fantasy’s the same way, just with a magical element to it. Historical fiction, though, that one always gives me trouble. I never like to mess with history, you know? And I admire anyone who can do it successfully.

      • I adore sci-fic, it’s just incredibly hard for me to do it write. Have you read Snow Crash? That book is nuts. It just decided that back story and explanations were a waste of time and then dunked it’s readers in ice water. It’s one of my favorite books, it also appeals to my economic side. 😉

        Historical Fiction…yikes.

        I notice that in my writing I sometimes have a horror slant. And now my writing professor is telling us no genres. Which is bull shit, so I will be spending the rest of the semester seeing how many buttons I can push.

      • No, I’ve not read Snow Crash, it sounds rather interesting though, no back-story? Crazy, I’ll have to see if the library has a copy!

        No genres? Whaa? How is it possible to even write without a genre? Good luck pushing buttons!

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