What to Do When You’ve Run into a Block

…stumble backwards and exclaim ‘ouch’ perhaps? I jest, of course, that’s not the same block I am referring to. Think, instead (if your pounding head will allow it), of writer’s block. My sage trilogy of advice on this common issue is as follows:

Write – I don’t care if it’s crap, I don’t care if you don’t want to or you’d rather play video games, write. It’s a way to get out of this block you’ve put yourself in. Because that’s the real issue here, you’ve put yourself into this block, you’ve mentally told yourself that there is nothing else to write about this particular subject but that’s not true. yes, you may be distracted, yes you may have run out of ideas for the present time but it’s not like you’ll never come up with new ones. Write something, anything, different than what you’ve been working on or similar to what you’ve been working on, it doesn’t really matter. Just write.

Read – read, read anything and everything. Articles, interviews, novels, novellas, poetry, even comics. Just sit down and read because in reading you glean inspiration and ideas on your own work.

Walk – yes, I said it walk. The simple action of walking will allow you to broaden your horizons, get your blood pumping, and some much needed exercise, as well as get you out of the house, room, hole or chair you’ve been tethered to for the past few hours, days, months or years whilst writing. I would suggest, if you could, for maximum benefit of this idea, that you walk outside. Rain, shine, snow or sleet – much like the mailmen – walk, just around the block or to the store or down some hidden trail you’ve always wanted to explore. It helps, trust me.
There you go, three lovely ideas that you can try if you ever experience writer’s block. Simple, easy, and healthy (quite unlike the other ideas I’ve encountered which include – drinking oneself into a stupor, banging ones head against the computer keyboard, and going out and committing a crime just so you can feel again). Try my ideas first, please, then go onto the others.

With that said, however, do you have sage advice that has worked for you? I look forward to a flurry of comments as my ideas cannot be the only ones. =)

Warm regards,

P.s. – Just so you know, I’ve written this entire post with only one hand as my cat – Raven – has commandeered the other by lounging on it. I believe props are in order, yes? [If not, no worries, I’ll pat myself on the back for you. =)]


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