Why Metroid, Other M, is an Awesome Game

Permit me, if you may, this moment of sheer geekiness.  (I’ll pull it back to writing in a moment.)

Metroid, Other M, is an awesome game.

Now, don’t all rush at me at once, I know some people will fault it for ‘not playing true to the character’ or ‘not having enough backstory’- both complaints I’ve heard recently – but I, for one, have thoroughly enjoyed it. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never before forayed into the world of Metroid or have really played Samas (Smash Brothers aside, of course, I adore her armor-less, that electric whip she has does wonders to enemies.)

To be fair though, I will consider both the good and the changeable aspects I’ve found within the game (so I don’t sounds like the complete and utter fangirl that I am).

Let’s go through this like a critique, shall we? I analyze the written word quite frequently… perhaps the same technique can be used successfully on the gaming world as well (attention, spoiler alert!):

Things I like:

1) Samas – enough said right there. But I’ll ramble some more. She’s an awesome character, a bit moody at times, but the monologue she did in the very beginning of the game – the opening, if you will, to set  everything up – was poetry, pure and simple. I also liked the simple ‘how-to’ guide in the beginning, having never played her character before, this greatly helped in figuring out what she can and cannot do. That being said, her attacks were easy enough to master. Also, the fact that she can transform into a ball and drop bombs (while completely unrealistic) is just plain cool.

2) Enemies – The fact that the main threat is a tiny creature who looks like a cross between a rabbit and a rabid dog is both brilliant and hilarious to me. I get that it’ll turn in horrible creature later on, probably rip my throat out if need be considering what it did to the research lab, but for now it seems quite harmless and… quite frankly kind-of cute too.

3) The Biospheres – I was wondering how they would incorporate different weathers into this story, although I’ve known sci-fi games based entirely on ships, it’s not nearly as fun as running through snow or being burt alive by lava (the lava dragon seemed a bit strange to me though, I must admit.) I do like the levels of the ship, section if you will, it’s a good idea and makes perfect sense for the researchers to want to see various lifeforms in their own ‘habitats.’

Things I don’t like:

1) The Suit –The armor is odd, it seems like it would be very clunky, and the colors, while I love orange and red, would stand out way too much in a combat situation. It’s too unrealistic for me. I’ve heard the scandal of the previous games is the players never knew Samas was a girl until the very end when she strips off her body armor (and only if that player accumulated enough points). The game’s up, the curtain has been removed; everyone knows she’s a girl. I want to see her kick ass without that suit! I’m much more partial to her that way because I’ve played her like that on Super SmashBrothers. Give me that electric whip and I’ll throw down all the creepy aliens in my path. Plus she looks better in blue, in my opinion (which, yes, I know would also stand out horribly in a combat situation). I understand that she’s on a ship in outer space that’s been compromised and she needs the armor but come on, if she can transform into a ball in that armor, at least the shape could be changed as well.

2) Controls – While I first did not mind the controls, horizontal mostly then vertical if you’d like to zoom in, I am not finding it to be a hindrance, especially in the fast-paced areas where Samas only has a short time before she gets killed. It’s supposed to be that way, I would assume, to put more pressure on the player and to test his or her gaming skills but for me, it’s an annoying feature. Test my gaming skills by giving me harder enemies to kill, not by how fast I can turn the controller.

3) The Storyline – thus far it’s been alright, yes I said it, ‘alright’ not ‘brilliant’ or ‘amazing’ rather quite predictable if anything. I get orders from Officer Adam, I follow orders, I shoot things. Thus far I haven’t found anything too terribly stimulating mind-wise, as in puzzles and such (for example, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess had various puzzles to solve in order to get into certain places). Let me make this clear, though, it’s not a ‘bad’ storyline, the characters are good, the enemies are many, and the power-ups come few and far in-between so you really have to stock up or save often. But it’s not what I call ‘a thinking game.’ Yes, you need to coordinate attacks, yes you need to think through certain areas to find the way out and in, but not too terribly hard.

Overall, it’s a good game, I like the style, the characters and the threats thus far. Are there a few things I would change? Of course, but those things would not deter me from playing (and enjoying) the game.


Did I swing it back to writing? No? Well, here, perhaps they could have done a bit better with writing the storyline, include a few more twists and turns here and there to make it a bit more exciting. There, writing. Although, I must admit, I have not finished the game yet, so perhaps there will be a twist hidden in the future. Time to play some more and see…

(You know what’s also an amazing game? Zelda, Skyward Sword.)

Until next time!
Warm regards,


3 thoughts on “Why Metroid, Other M, is an Awesome Game

  1. Her name’s Samus, and she was more awesome when she was voiced by Jennifer Hale… Just giving you a hard time. Good post!

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