Linking Madness!

I’ve decided to dedicate this post to the links I’ve found helpful to my writing, my geeky inner self, and my life in general.

I’ve divided them up for your viewing pleasure.

Writing Links

Smashwords : This website is amazing for the up-and-coming writer who wants to try self-publishing. The plus side? It’s free! Yup, completely free to self-publish your book in a pretty reputable place. The negative? Like everywhere else, a bunch of people are taking this route so your works will still have to shine pretty bright to be seen.

Literary Magazines : I love going to this site and checking out all the magazines, especially if I’m looking for a new creative writing contest to enter.

Writers Digest : Of course I have to mention this site, this magazine, it’s a wonderful resource for inspiration (giving advice and prompts), as well as articles and interviews.

Sci-Fi Publishers : (Yes, it’s wikipedia, gasps!) I check this wiki-site every once in a while and follow their links to various publishing houses, just to see what’s out there. It’s good to keep an eye out for new ones that pop up.

Geeky Links

Geek and Sundry : I was recently introduced to this site, this insanity, by some friends of mine. Felicia Day hosts this, along with a few other folks, bringing news of geeky wonderfulness. Youtube, blogs, links to other websites, chats about gaming and life being a true nerd – the last video I watched had swing dancing! – are scattered about this site. I’ve only just started to discover all the aspects involved amidst their craziness.

Sword and Laser : I found this website while looking for fantasy pages and I’m quite thankful I did. There’s a bunch of conversations, videos, books, interviews and contests to peruse in your down time (or your 5-minute-I-don’t-care-about-my-reponsibilities time.) It’s a crazy collaboration of fantasy and science fiction.

Zelda – Skyward Sword : Because I’m a Zelda nerd (have been since I learned of the games), I always go back to this site and ogle the graphics… then play the game itself.

So Geek Chic : I check this site for random updates on gaming, gamer fashion, geekyness, and just for the fun of it.

Life Links

I Can Has Cheezburger : Hilarious, silly, and a wonderful waste of time. Plus there’s a sci-fi section that I always check out – sometimes there’s Firefly quotes on there!

Questionable Content : A comic, about life, love, the pursuit of happiness and nerd-dome. A good story too, and some likeable characters.

That’s So True : Snapshots of videos dominate this website, snapshots and captions you wish you thought up yourself. Real life, made funny.

That is all. Now stop reading this and check out the links! My hope is that they help you as much as they helped me.

Warm regards,


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