A (much overdue) Explanation

I would like to extend my hand in apology for withholding information from this blog, for not keeping up with my regular discussions, for not posting in awhile. But I’ve been busy.

Wait, wait, I know, everyone says that, but honestly I have! Work, as usual, takes up more than half my day. Then my sister and I just moved out of our parent’s house and into a condo – which took a month, at least. (I never noticed how much stuff – how many clothes, how many books, and how many random items – I’ve accumulated over the years until the moment when I looked at the box I had chosen specifically for the move… and found it was tiny.) My freelancing business randomly decided to rear up again. (Something I am more than happy to pursue, I’ll speak more on that later!) I’ve also decided to get a master’s degree in publishing so I’ve been researching universities and writing essays. (Did you know some schools they don’t need that GRE? This is brilliant, because I didn’t take it!) So I have been busy.

AND, I’ll have you know, I finished editing my novel. Okay, the 2nd draft of the novel, at least. (Who knows how many drafts it’ll take to get this work polished enough. The editing process is long!)

Anyway, I finished the last chapter last Saturday then put it upon myself (however foolishly) to wait an entire work week before looking at it again. Some people can go a month without looking – heck I know an author who went three months without even peeking at her manuscript – but I must give them the respect they deserve because just a few days seems hard for me. Anyway, last weekend, I closed the word document and left it, alone, for a whole five days. I might die from anticipation.

Tomorrow’s the day though, tomorrow I get to read my entire novel all the way through and see if I like it… see if it needs some more tweaking… see if the characters still ring true. If everything sits right for me, I’ll send it off to a few select readers willing to look it over to catch bigger things – plot holes they see, characterization issues, tech terms – while I move on to a different story. If not, well then, it’s back to the editing process.

I’m excited about it, either way.

But let’s hope for the former, shall we?

So while I am sorry I have neglected this blog for such a long time (over a month, at least) I am still doing a happy dance in my head.

Also – I’ll be updating this pup much more regularly, once a week at least. I have a few interesting ideas I’d like to discuss and can’t wait to share my thoughts.

Until then, though.
Warm regards,


3 thoughts on “A (much overdue) Explanation

  1. Send me the manuscript, darn it! I want to read! I need something to distract me from all my lesson planning and the like. Congratulations though.

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