It’s official.

I’ve decided to do NaNoWriMo!

Thus far, I’ve been to one meeting and formulated a semblance of a plot, half of the characters, and even two tiny little cities they can live in. I’ve told my family about it. I even have a group of writing friends to share the frenzy with. I’m on my way to becoming one of ‘those crazy NaNo writers’ I’ve heard so much about.

I also got one of my close “non-writer” friends so intrigued about it she’s going to do it too! Of course, originally she thought I said NaNoRhino and so she came to the meeting with me expecting to hear about the charging creatures…. But at least she has an image to include in her story.

It’s kind of exciting, this NaNoWriMo thing, yeah it’s just a writing challenge and yeah nothing bad will actually happen to me if I don’t complete it, but it’s exciting… just doing it… being a part of a group just doing it.

A friend of mine asked what I would be most afraid of catching me up, writing wise. I didn’t have an answer right then. I didn’t know what would catch me up when I started to write, would it be the characters? Would it be the interactions of plot-lines? Would it be the world?

Then I realized – the one thing that would stop me in my tracks – me.

I don’t have a solid plot lined out just yet, I don’t have an image of every character, and I don’t have a whole world imagined yet. Now don’t get me wrong, usually I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of gal, my short stories and poems (and even the beginning of my novel) didn’t have a outline, but for this thing, but this NaNo thing? This write 1,6667 words a day or fall behind deal? This lets write for 30 whole days event? There’s no time to second-guess, there’s no time to sit and mull over a character or rework a twist. There’s only time to write.

So my weekend and this upcoming week is going to be spent outlining the plot and solidifying the characters, really getting a good idea of what I’m going to write about and how I want my characters to act. I’d suggest you do the same. Because, after all, after that, it’s just writing… a lot of writing…

Warm regards,


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