A whole year has passed by already, can you believe it? I certainly can’t. This will be my last post of 2012… dang, it better be good. However, my inner muse and mind must think otherwise because, as of eight o’clock this morning, I’ve had this lingering ache behind my eyes and temple. It’s hindering my attempts at writing prose for some reason, therefore I will resort to the next best thing. Lists! (Go with me here…) Here are some lists of things…

Accomplishments (Aka – What did I even DO this year?)
– Turned 23 (So hard on my part)
– Landed a solid 8-5 job in my hometown
– Finished my Sci-Fi novel
– Got Cinder, my new kitten
– Survived surgery (it wasn’t a bad thing, I was just nervous)
– Moved out of my parent’s house
– Moved into a condo with my sister
– Had some freelance articles in the Chugiak Eagle River Star (and was paid for it!)
– Survived the Pirate Pub Crawl
– Created my own freelance editing company: Edit, Revise, Perfect.
–  Completed the 2012 National Novel Writing Month challenge (my first time!)
–  Went on a sailing adventure
– Was published in the Fall 2012 issue of Alaska Women Speak
–  Applied to graduate school (okay, only one thus far)
–  Successfully maneuvered the birthday-holiday-craziness while living in two households

Plans (Aka – What the heck will I do in 2013?):
–  Turn 24 (phew!)
–  Apply to graduate school (three more in the works!)
– Freelance more articles for the Star
– Freelance edit as much as possible
– Hopefully hear back from a university
– Go see Star Trek 2 and Despicable Me 2
– Go on a vacation… I’m thinking Florida… or a cruise.
– Possibly move (how stressful would that be? Sheesh…)
– Possibly start graduate school (whoot!)
–  Celebrate the holidays with my family

Writing Plans (It’s going to be awesome, that’s right, I said it!):
–  Do a “final” edit on my sci-fi novel
–  Query my sci-fi novel
– Do some more fluff pieces on fanfiction and fictionpress (to get
my mind out of the deep)
–  Complete my 2nd sci-fi novel
–  Work on my novella series
–  Possibly go to the writer’s conference in the summer (this
could be my vacation!)

Other Good Things (whaaa?):
– Apples with caramel
– Sweet potato
–  Baked glazed fish
– Smoothies with boba (yes, the first four were food. I am,
apparently, hungry.)
– Hanging out with family
–  Hanging out with friends
–  Sitting with a purring feline
–  Being busy but not stressed
–  Game nights!
–  Movie nights!
– Gaming – Zelda mostly, but I do play Mario
– Vlogbrothers (these guys are hilarious! And sometimes quite
deep too…)
–  Feeling confident about oneself
–  Waffles on Saturday morning (yup, I’m hungry.)

That’s it. This isn’t such a good post writer-wise, but in a way it is good to look back and to plan for the future… much like you have to do when writing a good novel. (No? Well, at least I tried. Hmm, I had three ‘good’s in that one sentence…blerg. ) Now, I must take some aspirin, chug some water and get back to work.

See you in 2013 – have a safe and happy new year!

Warm regards,


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