Status Update

…like the title says…

Writing Adventures

Science Fiction Novel (2nd installment in my duology)

– 21,500 words 

– 7 chapters

– Commentary: After being stuck on this one area for the past two weeks, I was finally able to break through! I finished chapter 7 and am currently on chapter 8. Ah, the crazy world of writing….

Science Fiction Short Story (an AI piece)

– 952 words

– Commentary: I’m not very far into this one, I’ll admit, but I thought of the idea last Friday (3/8) and I’ve been working on it ever since. I’m excited to see how I can weave all my ideas into the plot-line and characters. I think my take on AIs are different than other versions, but I’ll definitely send it out to my writer friends for critique first.

Fantasy Novella Series (magic, swordplay, scribes and more!)

– 200 words

– Still on 1st chapter

– Commentary: I was so psyched about my first main character that I started writing it before realizing I should probably put this one on hold so I can fully concentrate on my 2nd novel. But I am 200 words into it!

Fanfiction Fluff Piece (Teen Titans)

– 10 words

– Commentary: I started this one today because I was tired of writing science fiction stuff (I love my sci-fi pieces but sometimes I need a break and, while I don’t want to write two of my ‘huge’ projects at once, a fluff piece is a good middle ground.) It’s going to be a romance between two of my favorite characters of TT – Raven and Starfire. Yes, it’s a lesbian piece. Yes, there will be feels. Yes, I am trying this out to hopefully get better at it before I have to write out a very specific scene in my sci-fi novel. (Bonus – I’ll probably have to watch Teen Titans in order to ‘get back into’ the characters again. Memories.)


Publishing Adventures

Submitted to: RAW – Beware, the Temptress Comes

Submitted to: Poety24 – Alaskan Adventure

Working on: Submission to Laser and Sword – the sci-fi AI short I mentioned above, unnamed as of now

Working on: Submission to F Magazine – The Damsel’s Knight


Editing Adventures

My freelance editing has taken an upswing as recently I got to edit some more of my client’s works. Currently I’m in the midst of two: 

– A collection of Alaskan Articles

– Various selections of a proposal

I’m going to put my ad up on craigslist with my website and facebook – I made a facebook page for my freelancing! – links to hopefully hook some more clients in. I’ll also be shooting a ‘How are you doing?’ email to my current clients that I haven’t heard from in awhile.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with this facet of my life and I hope you are as happy with yours as well.

Have a lovely weekend!
Warm regards,


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