For My Uncle

For today’s post, I offer this poem. I would like to dedicate it to Bud Doherty, a wonderful brother to my dad, a dedicated father to my cousins and a lovely uncle to me and my sister. He passed away last Monday. He will be missed.

I call this poem Life.


Is short.

Work when you should.
Pay the bills,
clean the house and
don’t forget to feed the cat.

But don’t work so hard
you can’t see the joy of everyday.

Don’t pay the bills
of your happiness to someone else.

Don’t clean the house
if it robs you of cherished moments.

There’s time for all of that later.

There’s not enough time to play
to laugh
to smile
and to be with the ones you love.

There’s not enough hours, minutes, seconds or
when it comes down to family and friends.

So spend yours wisely.
There’s no telling when yours or theirs is up.

(Oh, but please don’t forget
to feed the cat.)

Have a lovely weekend.
Warm regards,


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