I’m Back!

Vacation was lovely. The cruise stopped in sunny port after sunny port and in Florida we enjoyed fresh squeezed juice from oranges we picked ourselves. I got a nice little tan out of it and plenty of memories. I think the Magic Ice frozen bar was the best, especially after all the freaking heat we encountered. I also got to work on the 2nd installment of my sci-fi duology. I didn’t have near as much time as I thought I’d have (visions of completing the novel floated through my mind before I left), but at least I got some done.

This week was “Back to Reality” madness. With work, writing groups, volunteer meetings and the sheer stress of waking up at 4:15 every morning (thank you East Coast) I have not had time to pen my usual (or unusual) thoughts on writing and publishing.

But never fear!

I shall restart my usual weekly posts next week (5/31), starting with a look at LGBT writing and why I personally have been writing in that genre.

Have a lovely Memorial weekend!
Warm regards,