AWG Conference!

I officially signed up for the Alaska Writers Guild writing conference this upcoming September, plus a manuscript critique as well. I’ve been to an AWG conference before – it was where I met most of the lovely ladies and gentlemen of my current writing group – but I’m looking forward to this one. A manuscript critique by someone other than my writing group, family or friends… has anything been more terrifying?


Like a spider on the floor. (Happens at the Kitten’s Tooth all the time… I scream a lot.)

Or a snake on the sidewalk. (Happened in Florida while outside a local winery… I shrieked then too.)

But, still, it’s going to be pretty intense meeting one-on-one with someone who has fresh eyes to my story, critiquing and commenting on my work. (Or rather, the first fifteen double-spaced pages of it.) I’m happy for the opportunity. When the time comes I’ll be sure to let the blogosphere know how it went!

Until then, here’s hoping you have a lovely weekend!
Warm regards, 

Educational Foray

Last night I had the privilege of chatting with Vered Mares of VP&D House over coffee. (It was a hot day so really it was over water and an iced drink but the premise is still the same.) It was an enlightening experience where she nutshelled the publishing business for me and expanded the different paths editors can take in that world. I greatly enjoyed and appreciated the experience.

What struck me was the way she urged the continuation of education – I brought up my thoughts of being rejected from, then re-applying to, graduate school during the conversation and she wholeheartedly agreed that it was the way to go.

So, yes, I’m trying again. Time to attack the beasts of university applications!

Portland’s still my Number One, but there are other schools in the mix as well, all with varying deadlines (of course) and different ideas of the ‘personal statement’ (two are forms I get to fill out, two are written). It’s a long process, but I’m excited to get started on it.

Have a lovely weekend!

Warm regards,


So an Assistant to the Editor internship opened up with Cirque, a literary magazine here in Alaska, and guess who got it? That’s right, crazy wonderful blogosphere, I did!

It should be an interesting experience…

That is all. (Mostly because I’m at work currently and shouldn’t really be on here much longer.)

Have a lovely weekend!
Warm regards,

Writing – LGBT

My quest to challenge myself by writing is a never-ending one. And it came to no surprise to me that it would eventually take me to write LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender) work, though it did come as a shock to others. But we’ll get to that later.

I’ve written a lot of stuff – not all of it good, I might add. I once created a volcanic pit that held green lava, yes, that’s green, not red. I still might use it. – and I pride myself in trying new genres and new characters. My staple has always been horror. The sheer terror is infused in my blood. Odd, I know. Crazy, if you’ve ever met me. (I’m the quiet soft-spoken one.) I forced myself to branch out of the horror genre, to try different things. I landed on fantasy and stayed there for a little while – tinkering around with swords and magic – then went on to science fiction and have lingered there ever since. I’ve written romance before. I’ve written fanfiction as well. I’ve written poetry that spans every genre – yes, including horror and fanfiction – and tried my hand at article writing and interviewing.

I always wrote straight characters though. It just happened that way, no real reason.

But, because of that, I had yet to explore writing LGBT style. Until I met Mia. Mia is one of my characters. She’s the main character in my science fiction series. I thought her up while writing a short story for my college creative writing group. She was cool. Calm, confident and a spaceship captain to boot! I hadn’t discovered that she liked women, though. I didn’t know it until she met another woman in my sci-fi adventure, a woman who would change her life forever. Hence my sci-fi adventure and my first foray into that writing style.

I wanted to try writing LGBT because it was different.
I wanted to try writing LGBT because it was challenging.
But mostly I wanted to try writing LGBT because I’m part of that community.
I’m bi. Yes, I like both guys and girls. It’s an equal opportunity thing (as my sister put it).

The thing is, I hadn’t tried that style of writing. I hadn’t pushed myself to write a different way.

And the wonderful thing about trying out a new style?

I ended up loving it! (If not, writing my sci-fi series would be really really difficult!)

Now, normally I try out different styles in short stories, not series. For example, my next trial will be a Western short. This one will be difficult since I don’t really read Westerns. I did, however, take a Western-themed movie class in college where I got to compare Star Wars and Serenity as examples of ‘off-western’ Western movies (and got credit) though, so I’ll probably be pulling from the classics, John Wayne style.

Wish me luck, it’ll be an adventure…

I hope you have a lovely weekend!
Warm regards,