Writing – LGBT

My quest to challenge myself by writing is a never-ending one. And it came to no surprise to me that it would eventually take me to write LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender) work, though it did come as a shock to others. But we’ll get to that later.

I’ve written a lot of stuff – not all of it good, I might add. I once created a volcanic pit that held green lava, yes, that’s green, not red. I still might use it. – and I pride myself in trying new genres and new characters. My staple has always been horror. The sheer terror is infused in my blood. Odd, I know. Crazy, if you’ve ever met me. (I’m the quiet soft-spoken one.) I forced myself to branch out of the horror genre, to try different things. I landed on fantasy and stayed there for a little while – tinkering around with swords and magic – then went on to science fiction and have lingered there ever since. I’ve written romance before. I’ve written fanfiction as well. I’ve written poetry that spans every genre – yes, including horror and fanfiction – and tried my hand at article writing and interviewing.

I always wrote straight characters though. It just happened that way, no real reason.

But, because of that, I had yet to explore writing LGBT style. Until I met Mia. Mia is one of my characters. She’s the main character in my science fiction series. I thought her up while writing a short story for my college creative writing group. She was cool. Calm, confident and a spaceship captain to boot! I hadn’t discovered that she liked women, though. I didn’t know it until she met another woman in my sci-fi adventure, a woman who would change her life forever. Hence my sci-fi adventure and my first foray into that writing style.

I wanted to try writing LGBT because it was different.
I wanted to try writing LGBT because it was challenging.
But mostly I wanted to try writing LGBT because I’m part of that community.
I’m bi. Yes, I like both guys and girls. It’s an equal opportunity thing (as my sister put it).

The thing is, I hadn’t tried that style of writing. I hadn’t pushed myself to write a different way.

And the wonderful thing about trying out a new style?

I ended up loving it! (If not, writing my sci-fi series would be really really difficult!)

Now, normally I try out different styles in short stories, not series. For example, my next trial will be a Western short. This one will be difficult since I don’t really read Westerns. I did, however, take a Western-themed movie class in college where I got to compare Star Wars and Serenity as examples of ‘off-western’ Western movies (and got credit) though, so I’ll probably be pulling from the classics, John Wayne style.

Wish me luck, it’ll be an adventure…

I hope you have a lovely weekend!
Warm regards,


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