Educational Foray

Last night I had the privilege of chatting with Vered Mares of VP&D House over coffee. (It was a hot day so really it was over water and an iced drink but the premise is still the same.) It was an enlightening experience where she nutshelled the publishing business for me and expanded the different paths editors can take in that world. I greatly enjoyed and appreciated the experience.

What struck me was the way she urged the continuation of education – I brought up my thoughts of being rejected from, then re-applying to, graduate school during the conversation and she wholeheartedly agreed that it was the way to go.

So, yes, I’m trying again. Time to attack the beasts of university applications!

Portland’s still my Number One, but there are other schools in the mix as well, all with varying deadlines (of course) and different ideas of the ‘personal statement’ (two are forms I get to fill out, two are written). It’s a long process, but I’m excited to get started on it.

Have a lovely weekend!

Warm regards,


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