AWG Conference!

I officially signed up for the Alaska Writers Guild writing conference this upcoming September, plus a manuscript critique as well. I’ve been to an AWG conference before – it was where I met most of the lovely ladies and gentlemen of my current writing group – but I’m looking forward to this one. A manuscript critique by someone other than my writing group, family or friends… has anything been more terrifying?


Like a spider on the floor. (Happens at the Kitten’s Tooth all the time… I scream a lot.)

Or a snake on the sidewalk. (Happened in Florida while outside a local winery… I shrieked then too.)

But, still, it’s going to be pretty intense meeting one-on-one with someone who has fresh eyes to my story, critiquing and commenting on my work. (Or rather, the first fifteen double-spaced pages of it.) I’m happy for the opportunity. When the time comes I’ll be sure to let the blogosphere know how it went!

Until then, here’s hoping you have a lovely weekend!
Warm regards, 


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