Self Publishing a Novel?

Well, I’m thinking about it. My NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) novella actually, I’ve been going through it and, while it’s a different field then I’ve done and in multiple point of views, I really like it. And I mean… I really like it. The story, the characters, the world building, everything! I keep going back and reading the story. For being written in a month, it turned out pretty good, and I’m considering putting it out there.

How can I make this happen though?
Here are some things I’ve brainstormed thus far… 

I’ve gone through and edited it, of course, but before I actually self-publish the thing I would like my core writing group to read it too so I know there’s nothing confusing in it that I missed. 

It’s extremely important to have a riveting cover for the book. I’d have to figure out how to make one, or have an artist make one for me (I have a fair amount of friends who are artistic). 

Publisher: most likely, but I’d like to find out if there are other e-book outlets too… I must do some research!

My facebook/twitter pages
I could create an author website though, too, I’ve seen a bunch of self-publishers do this sort of thing and honestly I think it’s a pretty good idea.

Hmm, so much to do! But the editing process will take the longest I think. (That and finding a good e-publisher.) I honestly think this story is a good one though, and I think people will like it. Topping at 72,022 words, It’s got bio-technology, a divided warring world and even some romance sprinkled in. I just haven’t really breached this type of publishing before so I’m woefully lacking in knowledge of the area.

Have any of you been through this self-publishing world? Any advice would be appreciated…

Warmest regards,


2 thoughts on “Self Publishing a Novel?

  1. Lots of different options out there… I went the Amazon route. A lot of people swear by Smashwords. Definitely check out Createspace. I’ve had good experiences with their paperback services. Best of luck!

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