What’s in a Name?

Everything, apparently.

So much so I’m finished with the second installment of my duology (the first draft at least), but I cannot for the life of me come up with a title for it. What if I pick the wrong one? What if it doesn’t suit the novel? What if it’s totally bizarre? (Some of my writer friends can attest to some of my… odder of choices.)

And I’m agonizing over it!

So my question to all of you… how do you decide on a name?

Warm regards,

Post Script – And, on a completely unrelated note, I completed the Sledgehammer Writing Contest last week (36 hours, 6 prompts, 1 story) and readers get a say in who wins – everyone gets three votes! Check out mine, “A Chance Encounter”, and vote for me if you like it! Go to this website: http://sledgehammercontest.com/.

Sledgehammer Writing Contest

What is a Sledgehammer Writing Contest? Well, it’s a 36-hour writing contest based in Portland, Oregon where contestant go on a scavenger hunt (in person in Portland and online elsewhere) to find six different writing prompts, then use those prompts to write a story!

And I’m doing it!

Am I excited? Yes!

Will I finish a short story with 6 random prompts in 36 hours? Heck yes!

(Though talk to me on Sunday, see how I feel 24 hours in…)

Is anyone else up for the challenge? You still have time to sign up!!
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Bookkus Publishing

Ever heard of them? Me neither! Until a few weeks ago that is. It’s a pretty interesting publishing company created by William Yatscoff. Based in Canada, they opened just last year. Bookkus Publishing use traditional publishing aspects – editors, artists, ebooks, printing, marketing – and new avenues not yet tried. For example, the biggest draw is that a community of readers gets to review the submitted books and only after a certain review quota (and enough stars) has been met will BP start the process of publishing the manuscript.

And I’m one of the Book Reviewers!

Granted… I’ve only just joined a few weeks ago and only reviewed one book thus far, but I’ve committed myself to three books per month and will do just that. (Maybe more if I can manage.)

It seems like a really good opportunity for both the reader and the author. As a reader, you get some control as to what ‘makes it’ and, as an author, you get some honest feedback about your book – praise or constructive criticism.

Alas, I must get back to the grind. Have a lovely weekend!
Warmest regards,