Second to Last Day in November


Thanksgiving has passed and oh my freaking goodness it was extraordinarily difficult to get out of bed today and actually go to work. And then do productive things at work and not just stare at my computer screen in some sort of food hangover. But do stuff I did. The usual filing and phone answering that fills up a receptionist’s day. But while earlier this week (and the two weeks before) my days have been packed with work stuff, today’s rather quiet. I don’t even have my usual editing since I’ve finished with my most recent client’s manuscript and AAHA hasn’t sent me anything.

The empty squares on my desk needed to be filled, so I decided to query some agents…


It went something like this:

  • Re-research agent, agency, what they’re looking for (AgentQuery and Writer’s Digest Spotlight are both fabulous for this)
  • Polish, proof and personalize query
  • Slice first chapter of novel at a ‘good stopping point’ for the 5-10 page submission
  • Cut/Paste everything onto an email
  • Panic
  • Re-read everything
  • Panic some more – double/triple check names
  • Hit send
  • Worry I misspelled the agent’s name or my name or my novel’s name
  • Check sent email file – realize I didn’t misspell anything
  • Feel awesome
  • Do over again… six more times…

I did seven in all today and I think it’s pretty darn good for a Friday after Thanksgiving. Wish me luck!

I really want to start on my novella series, but I’m waiting on some comments for my 2012 NaNoNovel which I’d like to self-publish. I’d like to get that done first and am stuck in I-shouldn’t-work-on-anything-else-until-that-project-is-finished-so-what-the-hell-am-I-supposed-to-do-until-then mire.

It’s foggy in here. I don’t like it.

It’s also actually foggy outside – (-2 degree weather) – and I’m slightly paranoid about driving. But like my novel, I’ll travel slow, sure, and with high-beams on that can only see a few feet in front of me. I’ll get home (and published) someday.

Only one more full day in November 2013, enjoy it while you can!
Warmest regards on this chilly Friday,


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