A Day for Love

Ah, the great day of pink, red, and white, of candy hearts and chocolate flowers, of love and devotion. It’s Valentine’s Day. The day couples, families, and friends everywhere celebrate their love for one another.

Random flower design created on weavesilk.com.

Do I celebrate it? Well, yes. I am dressed in red today. I will give out heart-shaped gifts and cards.

But honestly, I’m not that into it.

It’s not like I’m a cynical person who hates love. It’s nothing like that. But this day puts on so much pressure on the couples to have a good time. The need to do something special. Something extraordinary. Just because it’s Valentine’s Day.

But what about all the other days?

I think that we should celebrate our love for one another in special ways all the time! We should always be thankful for our relationships – friends, family, lovers – and show them we care everyday in little ways.

So celebrate with your loved ones tonight… and celebrate again tomorrow.


On that note, if you have some free time this evening and would like to do something different: why not spend some time at The Living Room? It starts at 7pm at Jitters here in Eagle River. 

7 readers + 7 minutes each = 1 fun night

Free snacks and mingling afterwards.

I hope to see you there!


I hope you have a warm, cozy, lovely night.
Warm regards,


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