I recently finished reading the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. This past weekend I even went to the first movie of what surely will be four (since they do that with book trilogies nowadays). And I have to say, I liked them both. (I won’t go to go into much detail here, in case anyone hasn’t read the books. I never like spoilers…)

Concerning the books:


Book 1 – awesome. Good characterization, nice set up of a unique world, heavy fast-paced action. Yes, there are some issues with it (some of the fight scenes got a bit long, I’d like to have spent that time hanging out with some of the characters), but overall it was a pretty good book. Easily marketable, too. I loved the twist at the end.

Book 2 – still pretty awesome. It was a quick read, although it did lag just a bit in the middle.

Book 3 – on the fence. As a writer, I have to admit this book bothered me just a bit. It seemed… well… a bit obvious what was going to happen a few pages into it. I won’t put in any spoilers, but it did disappoint me a little bit. That said, however, the book still kept up with the previous two and allowed some of the characters to grow.

Should you read them? – Yes. Of course you should. Everyone’s reading them. It’s become a best-seller and it’s pretty obvious why. Let me know what you think of the ending.

Concerning the movie:

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I was a bit disappointed in the movie, but only because they didn’t show some key scenes found in the book. And, be honest now, that happens all the time. Of course movies can’t pack in as much as books, different mediums focus on different things and that’s okay. I did like how they focused on the factions and the worldbuilding. It’s so important to understand their world before moving forward.

Should you see the movie? – Yes, if you liked the book and don’t mind missing a few things.

Sorry for the short post, but life’s been a bit crazy for me lately.
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