Cataloging (And Other News)

It’s that time again – cataloging season at Cirque. This is how it all played out:

In two days I combed through over one hundred and fifty emails and processed over three hundred submissions, breaking them into four separate categories (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art) and documenting the necessary information in our tracking table.

Do you want to see it numerically? Yes. Because I do:

150plus emails + 300plus submissions + Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, Art, Other Info + 2 days = hell yes, I am awesome.


Also – More Awesome News (that I haven’t announced because life got crazy): Desert Palm Press gave me a job as their freelance editor! (The same one Michelle published with.) I’ve edited two manuscripts for them thus far and am scheduled to get another one soon! It’s such a lovely opportunity. There are some really talented authors and editors associated with this company, and the publisher is so nice. Plus, the authors like the suggestions I have for them thus far! It’s been quite fun. 

If you like lesbian fiction, you should check them out. Their newest releases are Dark Horizons and Anything Your Heart Desires!


When the ones I’ve helped with come out, I’ll be over the moon. Working with a publisher has been a dream of mine for a few years now… I’m so happy I get the chance. Editor of a published manuscript, who would’ve thought? 

Anyway, time to get back to work.
I hope you have a lovely weekend!
Warm regards,


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