Everybody Wants Me

I got accepted into graduate school! Four applications sent out, four acceptances! I can’t believe it, especially after getting rejected last year. It’s just… surreal.

I’ve decided to go to Portland State University – it’s a really good school with a great program, one that’s challenging but beneficial to the students. (Ooligan Press anyone?) Plus, it was my top choice. And I’ve been to Portland before, it’s close to home, and the area might be a good fit for me.

(There are a lot of positives, as you can see.)

But it’s going to be quite the change, shifting from an 8-5 job to going to school. Moving from Alaska to Portland will be insane (but that’ll be a whole different post). The tests, papers… homework! Getting into that mindset again will be clunky at first. I mean after working on novels, short stories and poetry these past two and a half years, my Homework Pen might be a bit rusty…


But I’ll manage. 

Everyone’s so excited for me. And I’ll be excited, too. For now, though I think I need to let it sink in a little bit, wrap my head around a Master’s of Science in Writing, Book Publishing, about what it’ll mean for me in the next two years, and about the changes I’ll have to adapt to. I need to process it.

Call him Phil

After some processing (and planning… and more planning) I’ll be excited, too.

Has anyone else had experience with getting a Master’s? How was it for you?

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Warm regards,


4 thoughts on “Everybody Wants Me

  1. Grad school will give you a chance to learn, and you will either love or loathe it, probably at the same time. Right now, the hardest part of finishing grad school is actually being done… and then trying to find a job with said degree. It’s difficult! I mean, a master’s degree is a real accomplishment, and then you get out into the world and there’s still no jobs 😦

    Hopefully the economy will have turned around by the time you’re done. All I can advise you on is to network like hell and make lots of friends with hiring power (I know I sound so jaded but this week has just been the week of job rejection!).

    • I’m sorry you’re having trouble finding a job, I hope you snag a good one soon! I know a master’s degree won’t be an automatic win, but I’m doing it for the experience and the knowledge in the career field I’m interested in.

      I do know how difficult it is to fine a job, though, hell, two years ago I had to job hunt for months just to find my current position. And it’s not even in the field I’m interested in! Once I’m done with my degree, maybe it’ll be better and maybe it won’t. If I can’t find position in my field of interest, I’ll settle for a job that’s outside my range and always keep an eye out.

      Maybe that’s what you should do?

      • It sort of is what I’m doing. Hunting for something that will be fulfilling while somewhat related to my experience. There’s some stuff popping up. And I’m really thrilled you get to go to this program, especially since you are such a talented editor 🙂

      • Good! Hunt out anything you can, even if it’s just a temp job to pay the bills for a while, that’s okay too. I’m glad some opportunities are popping up, though, job hunting can be extremely unbending sometimes. Thanks, I am, too! It should be an interesting experience, I hope I’m up for the task. And thanks for the compliment, although I wouldn’t have a job without authors so keep up the good work, too!

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