New Cover, Old Stereotype

I’m a fan of Teen Titans. Okay, not like a I-dream-of-dressing-up-like-one-of-them-during-a-comiccon fan, but I used to watch the show back in 2003. I loved the show. The characters were funny, the plotlines, fun, and action, easy to follow. I liked Raven. I still like the show in a nostalgic, wasn’t-my-childhood-great kind of way. I even write fanfiction about it, because yes, I’m a geek.

But when I see this:


…for the new  relaunch of Teen Titans #1, I get a bit, well, disappointed. Now, I know in most comic books the female characters are often dressed in an alluring fashion, meaning very tight and usually very revealing outfits. It’s a ridiculous stereotype still portrayed in comic books today, but this cover, in particular, went a bit too far. I mean, really. Look at Wonder Girl. Stop. Look at her again. It’s way far off the mark.

Why? Three reasons: 

1) This is Teen Titans. It’s about teenagers. Any teenager that well endowed has probably gotten a bit of help. Do you see how round her breasts are? That’s just not normal, folks.
2) One solid kick to her face/chest/shoulder/any part of her body and that top would just snap right off her (or at very least, there’d be a nipslip).
3) It’s a stereotype. DC can (and should) do better.

Now, I don’t mind seeing a bit of skin on a woman, and sometime I, too, like to show off a bit. But THAT MUCH cleavage? On a teenager? Might as well be giving the whole female gender a shove out the equality door, then slosh out the self-respect with them, too. Plus, it would be next to impossible for her to fight in that outfit without having to readjust. I mean, the Black Widow’s outfit is tight, too, but at least she can fight in it.

(And speaking of equality, look at Bunker – can you tell he has darker skin? Not really, no.)

Overall while Beast Boy, Raven, and Red Robin look good and the setting seems exciting, the other two main characters are a bit sad in comparison.

Although looking again, I could do without the helicopter… and possibly that paper airplane… and the piece of paper floating beside Beast Boy. It’s too random for me. 

But maybe others will like it. Thoughts?

Have a lovely weekend!
Warm regards,


6 thoughts on “New Cover, Old Stereotype

  1. I saw the uproar over this cover a while ago. It’s a poorly designed cover, and not just because Wonder Girl is being sexually exploited as an image. The page is cluttered, there’s no real focal point, and we don’t have a horizon line for our eye to balance on. Because of this, the human eye goes to the largest thing on the page, and that’s Wonder Girl and her silly costume. It’s not appropriate for fighting villains, in, something that the Batwoman comics commented on a lot when they revamped her character from 52. In her own series, the long, flowing hair became a wig, part of her disguise so villains couldn’t yank it around without pulling the piece off. She also ditched her heels for combat boots and made a snarky comment related to trying to fight in them. Overall, I was pleased with the writers flouting the design flaws of this character and doing away with them.

    Some things still need work, I guess. Have you heard much about Dark Horse’s “Ghost” series? It’s written by a woman and stars female superheroes and villains! There’s also “Lumberjanes” from Boom!Box if you’re looking for some socially conscious comics to get into.

    • Thanks for the comment! Yeah, I came in late to the game and had to say something about it. Way to go Batwoman! Hmm, I haven’t read “Ghost” or “Lumberjanes” but they sound like a good comics to get into, thanks for the suggestions!

      • Thanks. I figured I should redesign it after my students started making my blog look like a trifold presentation at the science fair.

        And I love this test 🙂 It makes you notice different things about your characters.

        And welcome back to the states!

      • They started to make it into a trifold presentation? Whaaaaat?

        It does! I might do it with one of my own characters, as an exercise.

        Thanks! How’s the job search going?

      • I’m settled into some career paths. Adjunct teaching at a university. Working at a bookstore, doing a research project. It’s all good 🙂

        And I was comparing my blog to a trifold presentation because they’re tacky and overdone, just like my old blog design

      • Wonderful news! 🙂 Plus you have all your awesome books, too.

        Ahhh, gotcha. Well, the new one is quite nice. I was considering changing the name of my blog, but I think I’ll have to settle with just changing the background/style of it since there’s a bunch of logistics with changing the name.

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