A Mid-Week Post: Good Deeds

So, my father recently had this great idea for a way to help cancer victims push through  their recovery – he calls it Sailing Away From Cancer.

The Little Blurb

Cancer survivors go through hell. But you can help them get better by donating to Sailing Away From Cancer. You’d be helping Ed Doherty (a cancer survivor) and his crew (other survivors, with their care givers) go on an adventure of their lives.

(Plus, it’s tax-deductible!)

More About It (pulled from YouCaring.com)

“This program is specifically aimed at those either recent diagnosed or currently undergoing cancer treatment and will have completed their treatments by the end of July 2014. This campaign will offer very inexpensive week long sailing trips to the British Virgin Islands for current cancer patients undergoing treatment and one care giver.”

Here’s a link: Sailing Away From Cancer | Other – YouCaring.com. Check it out.

Why Donate?

1) Cancer sucks.
2) Surviving is wonderful.
3) It’s for a good cause.
4) Start-ups are hard and you’d be helping.
5) My dad is awesome.

Think about it. It could be your good deed for the day.
Warm regards,


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