Adventure Time!

No, not the cartoon, I’m talking about tonight’s adventure. I’m heading to…


That’s right, folks, I’m going to the land of the rising sun. Two whole weeks soaking up all the culture, cherry blossoms, shrines, and sushi I can manage.

Because of this, I probably won’t be able to post until May 26, the day after I get back.

(I will allow you to weep for a moment…  … …moment over.)

You have my assurances, o blogosphere, if I do get some free time, I’ll certainly think up some writerly/editorly thoughts and post them.

But don’t count on it. I may not have that much free time.

And I might old-school it in Japan – pen and paper style – then blog about it when I get back. It’s all very up in the air… which is what I’ll be all day tomorrow. Speaking of, did you know it takes 11 ½ hours on a plane to get to Japan? Not including how long it takes to get to the Lower 48 from Alaska, of course.

It better be worth it.

See you two weeks!
Warm regards,


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