Cake Time Woes

Life Post!

So, today we had cake to celebrate a co-workers birthday. I was going to write a random poem about the cake. It’s called Midnight Delight – chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate ice cream – it’s pretty much a chocolate lovers dream and deserves its own poem. Probably deserves it’s own anthology, actually.

But I didn’t have any of the cake. I did, however, set up the conference room and got everything ready for the celebration, so I wrote a poem about that instead.

# # #

The Makings of a Chocolate Cake Celebration

Step One: Utensils
Set up the conference room,
Grab forks, plates, and napkins.
The big serrated knife we always use.

Step Two: Chairs
Did I grab enough?
Count the bubbles to be sure.
Two people signed as “out” are actually “in”
Hunt down more chairs.

Step Three: People
Co-workers come early, shoo them away.
Call them back a minute later.

Step Four: Cake
The cake’s been out for twenty minutes.
Yes, of course it’s defrosted.
It’s not. Use boss’s hunting knife instead.
(A first for everything.)

Step Five: Enjoy
Everyone gets a slice,
Except me.

Damn allergies.

# # #

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” – Charles Dickens

So… I guess I’m the friend, eh?

Ah, well, have a random Friday evening and a lovely weekend!
Warm regards,

Alternate Universes, Crossovers, and… Incest?


I love Frozen, like almost every other person in the world except for that guy who got served divorced papers from his wife. It came out at the end of last year and I still listen to the songs. I still read fanfiction about it (and found some… unique things, but more on that later). I love seeing how people interpret Elsa and Anna and the whole motley crew.

And while the flurries about it have died down a bit, I recently stumbled upon an Alternate Universe (or AU) version of Frozen. Apparently it started up earlier this year. (Shows how much I’m on the internet for fun these days.)

Anyway, in this particular AU, they decided to reverse Elsa’s powers. Instead of the Snow Queen, she’s the Fire Queen. And I must say I really love this idea. I mean, the pictures people come up with are gorgeous!

By kristoffbjorgman, Tumblr
By kristoffbjorgman, Tumblr

Pretty, right?

Yes. Yes, it is.

I always liked the idea of AUs. The taking of a ‘normal’ universe and turning it on its head. After all, Elsa in Frozen is the Snow Queen. It’s the norm for her universe, she’s born with this special power and (she used to think) cursed with it. It’s set up beautifully throughout the story, culminating with a I-really-don’t-give-a-damn attitude by singing “Let It Go” and then really REALLY caring by the end because she thought she froze her little sister… because she actually DID freeze her little sister. (Give a round for Anna, people, she was also a great character.)

But to give her a completely new set of powers? Fire powers, no less. That’s kind-of perfect. Instead of freezing her little sister, she would burn her? Instead of covering Arendelle in snow, she would set it aflame? Would she still be misunderstood or become a fully-fledged villain? (I’m thinking the fiery eyes, a devil-may-care attitude, burning everything in sight, not because of an accident but ruthlessly because she’s been locked up for so long kind of villain.)

It’s got some amazing potential. And I really really like it.

Another interesting thing I found whilst clicking through Tumblr is a combination of popular movies (sometimes called the Big Five or the Big Six). Apparently people love combining The Rise of the Guardians, Brave, Tangled, and How To Train Your Dragon (and now Frozen), in one big giant crossover. Which is also awesome.


I was so interested I decided to search it on and lo and behold, there were stories about them too! The Rise of the Brave Frozen Tangled Dragons is one in particular. The crossovers are fun to read, to see how they combine storylines and characters. Paring is especially popular (Elsa/Jack Frost; Rapunzel/Hiccup), but the general adventures are fun to read about, too.

As I was looking through the crossovers and AU fanfiction though, I found something a little unique. Apparently there’s quite a trend going around concerning Esla and Anna… an incest kind of trend. Yes, that’s right, Elsa and Anna getting it on. Sexually. And it’s extraordinarily popular. I don’t know when it started, but I’m not going to judge (even though it’s not my cup of tea).

But if Elsa (or Anna) falls in love with a woman, I’d like it to be with… well… not each other.

I did find a femslash with Elsa and Merida (from Brave) that’s turning out to be a promising read and there’s a few original characters that she falls in love with, too, which is always interesting.

I hope more blossom up – I’m even considering writing one, kind-of stoked about it actually, but I’ll post more about it once I actually upload it to my site. My name’s SerenityQuill if you’d like to take a look at my current work-in-progress.

Hmm, I don’t want to seem like I’m downing the Anna/Elsa relationship. I did read an interesting one concerning Anna as a lowly servant and Elsa being Queen, but they had never met and weren’t sisters, so it was quite different. Incest wasn’t such a big deal back in the day, but in modern society it’s frowned upon. And yet, it crops up in modern fanfiction. I also find it interesting that the one big movie that really showcases the ‘act of true love’ as a sisterly love instead of a romantic one has a trend of sisterly *ahem* love attached to it. As if sisterly love wasn’t enough to fulfill the requirements or something. Or maybe it’s something entirely different that I’m just not seeing…


Warm regards,


So, in 2012 I participated in NaNoWriMo. My long-time blogger friends might remember my frenzy posts at 2am trying to beat the word-count. Or at least meet the damn thing. Well, I did. I finished it. I got my little award and I was psyched. I loved my story, I really did. I thought it was an amazing story with a ton of great characterization and details and world-building and tension. I adored the thing.

And the truth is, it was kind of crap. (Well, duh, since it was written in a month whilst trying to meet a 50,000 word count, so the language is a bit flowery, I didn’t have any contractions in the manuscript, and I wrote the rest of the thing in an after-NaNo haze because I thought it was a good idea.)

But I loved it anyway.

I dug it out of storage last year and re-read it. I thought, yeah, it’s okay. I like that weird character POV switch in the middle. The intensity of mysterious main characters. And I can get used to the flowery prose. You may also remember my exclamation that I wanted to self-publish the thing in November of 2013?

Well, I didn’t.

I sent it off to some writer friends first, and let me tell you, a flash of brilliance, that was.

Honestly, I was distraught when people didn’t fall in love with the first few chapters. When they were confused about the characters. When they pointed to the mid-story-addition of a new POV and laughed. (Okay, not laughed, but when they pointed it out and arched an eyebrow, I did because, come-on, what was I thinking?)

Anyway, because of the comments I’ve received thus far and because of my own ideas of how to make the story better, I decided to re-write a bunch of chapters, slice chapters (and POVs) out, and even add another layer to the current main characters. I’m pretty much in major editing/writing mode, where I tear the thing to shreds, pick up the pieces that I do like, and try to stitch it back together as a better version of itself.

The only problem I’m finding is that re-directing a novel that’s already written is hard. HARD! I like certain pieces of the older version but trying to stuff them into the newer version seamlessly is like trying to stuff a hippo into a grocery bag. It doesn’t fit so well. I end up cut and pasting, only to delete most of the older stuff anyway.

AND I have to figure out how to write this new direction. I already have my chapters laid out pretty well (written in a lovely untidy scrawl across multiple note-book pages), but the motivation of certain characters were muddled in the original and now fixing them is taking a bit of time.

No, never mind, it’s taking A LOT OF TIME!

But I figure, it’s okay. I’m beginning to like where this newer version is going. How the characters are developing. Yes, it’ll take time to re-write everything… and then go back and edit the thing once I’m done re-writing it.

But that’s okay.

I think the finished product will be pretty damn good.

Of course, I’ll send it off to some other readers first.

Happy Weekend!
Warm regards,