Cake Time Woes

Life Post!

So, today we had cake to celebrate a co-workers birthday. I was going to write a random poem about the cake. It’s called Midnight Delight – chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate ice cream – it’s pretty much a chocolate lovers dream and deserves its own poem. Probably deserves it’s own anthology, actually.

But I didn’t have any of the cake. I did, however, set up the conference room and got everything ready for the celebration, so I wrote a poem about that instead.

# # #

The Makings of a Chocolate Cake Celebration

Step One: Utensils
Set up the conference room,
Grab forks, plates, and napkins.
The big serrated knife we always use.

Step Two: Chairs
Did I grab enough?
Count the bubbles to be sure.
Two people signed as “out” are actually “in”
Hunt down more chairs.

Step Three: People
Co-workers come early, shoo them away.
Call them back a minute later.

Step Four: Cake
The cake’s been out for twenty minutes.
Yes, of course it’s defrosted.
It’s not. Use boss’s hunting knife instead.
(A first for everything.)

Step Five: Enjoy
Everyone gets a slice,
Except me.

Damn allergies.

# # #

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” – Charles Dickens

So… I guess I’m the friend, eh?

Ah, well, have a random Friday evening and a lovely weekend!
Warm regards,


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