Watch Out World – ERP Is Out There

Yup, that’s right world. One of the books I’ve edited is out on the street, taking names and exciting readers everywhere. My good friend Michelle Magly had her new book – Chronicles of Osota – Warrior – just came out a few days ago and, my goodness, it’s beautiful. It’s a great story with vivid characters and a solid plotline. As one who knows how difficult to get anything published, I’m happy that her first solo book is out there (and that there are more on the way). It’s an awesome achievement and I hope to see more of her work in the future. In fact, I know I will. She’s a great writer, damn it! But there’s one other reason why I’m thrilled that it story “made it” in the publishing world. 

It’s edited by me.

I give that it’s own line because it’s a great accomplishment for me. I’ve been editing seriously for over three years now, ever since I graduated college in 2011 and decided to start my own freelance editing company. I’ve edited a ton of things – technical documents, papers, poem anthologies, multiple novels, emails, letters, screenplays – so many things over the years. Now I keep in touch with them and how their edits have been coming along, what their plan for publication is. (Self, Indie, Small, The Big Six, there are so many options!) And for one reason or another, the fiction work has not gotten to that final stage of publication. (I say the fiction work because the other documents do go out into the public eye, the technical documents and such, and I’m so happy to help make their work shine! My name just usually isn’t on the documents – I’m a ninja editor!) 

Michelle’s work is the first. My name is attached as Editor. Edit. Revise. Perfect. is OUT THERE! Thanks to Desert Palm Press, some awesome authors, and one great opportunity, my name is actually out there.

And I’m so excited. *happydance*

Desert Palm Press publishes some awesome lesbian fiction, check out Warrior and their other books if you’re interested!

Have a wonderful weekend.
Warm regards,

Whaaaaat? A female THOR?

I read on The Mary Sue (and every other website out there these days) that Marvel Comics has a brand new idea for a story. A female Thor. Yes, you read that right, A Female Thor. (Take a few breathes to let it sink in.)

Marvel Comics Announced July 15, 2014 -  Thor will be female.
Marvel Comics Announced July 15, 2014 – Thor will be female.

And while I like that Marvel is branching out with their female characters – putting them more on the front line and less in the romance, giving them a more crucial role in the plot – this new idea is a little, well, odd.

I like Thor. The male version. I think Thor will always be considered a male character and that perhaps men will dislike this new version of their character. (I am a female and I don’t like this new version of the character.)

And I know there is such a thing as gender-swapping, and sometimes it’s fun and cool to do. It’s interesting for the storyline. It puts a new perspective on the hero/heroine’s current hardships.

But really.


Skipping the part where it’s a little bit of a cop-out to use the same name and powers, the original male Thor is a Norse god. He has a history in the Norse mythology. His hammer has a history, too. Their history is pretty much twined together (save for one part where the hammer was stolen and, yes, Thor had to cross-dress as a woman to get it back). Why break the duo apart?

For the challenge? Okay. You know what else is challenging? Bringing up a Norse goddess and crafting a totally new story around her.

For the shock value? Okay. You know what else would be shocking? Bringing up a Norse goddess and crafting a totally new story around her.

For gender equality and female empowerment? Okay. You know what isn’t empowering women or equaling the genders? Switching the gender of a legendary Norse god, when there are plenty, PLENTY of legendary Norse goddesses to chose from.

I did a quick Google search and came up with this list:

Freya – Goddess of Love and Beauty, wisdom and magic, and a warrior
Skadi – Goddess of Winter and the Hunt
Frigga – Mother of them All
Hel – Goddess of the Dead and the Afterlife
Sif – Harvest Goddess
Idunna – Goddess of Youth and Beauty
Eostre – Goddess of Spring and Fertility
Nerthus – Goddess of Sea and of Rivers
The Valkyries – Badass female warriors

Would it take more time to craft a new story around a new goddess? Yes.

Would it take more time to bring her up to the (awesome) level of Thor and the other Avengers? Yes.

Would it be worth it? Yes.

Now, don’t get me wrong. She might be awesome. She might be the most interesting rendition of Thor ever. She might just be … cool.

I hope it does, since everyone deserves to try new uncharted territories every once in a while and have it work out for them.

But I’m also hoping that Marvel Comics will craft a new story around a new (read: not Thor) goddess. That would be an uncharted territory, too.


Warm regards,

Next Month

Tomorrow’s Fourth of July already?


I can’t believe how fast June went by, like Sheldon’s Halloween costume in The Big Bang Theory.

sheldon cooper

So. Crazy.

And get this? I’m leaving next month! No, not the blog. What I mean to say is I’m moving. From Alaska. To Portland. With my two cats. It’s going to be an adventure, for sure. I’m driving down with my mom and my cats and as much stuff as I can stuff into my car… with my mom… and my cats… and me. (Insert Crazy Here)

I just can’t believe I’m leaving next month.

NEXT month.



NeXt MoNtH.

Any way I write it I still get chills.

Now for some people moving is no big deal. I’ve had quite a few friends who’ve done it. They all say it went fine. And I’m sure it will go fine.

But as someone who has lived in the same town for her whole life, moving is more of a big deal than most. How is that possible, you ask? (Okay, maybe you didn’t but oh well.)

When I was younger (think, as a one year old) my family moved to Alaska for my dad since he got a job up here. That was twenty four years ago and we haven’t left since. I did homeschool here, I went to high school here, I even went to the local college in Anchorage (go UAA!). I lived at home throughout my college life. Now, to be fair, I did spend a semester in Montana in 2009, lived in the dorms and such, away from my family. But that was one semester. And my friend went to the school in Montana so it wasn’t that terrifying.

[Now this isn’t… terrifying, per say. It’s just different. And my family and friends can tell you stories of how I deal with change. Hint: Not Too Well.]

But I’ve lived in Alaska for my whole life. Heck, I lived in the same house for my entire childhood and only recently moved out. And even then, I moved into a condo with my sister. That is down the street from my parent’s house. Like really, I can walk to my parent’s house without much difficulty. (Of course, you can pretty much walk anywhere in my little hometown though.) And I get together with my family every week, if not multiple times a week. We’re very close knit. And I’m not complaining, because it’s honestly been great. I consider myself very lucky to have such deep roots in my little hometown and to my family.

Any my friends, too! I’ve made friends here, damn it! Good friends. Nice friends. Best friends, even. Friends who understand my weirdness. Friends who get that my favorite color is in fact orange and I do have a ton of allergies and I really really REALLY hate spiders.

And all the groups I belong to? Two writing groups (Jitters Critters and Writer’s Ink), my reading group (The Living Room), and my book club (The Pages We Turn).

And my internship with Cirque!

And my current job at Michael L. Foster & Associates, Inc. My 8-5 job with a solid paycheck and nice co-workers (some of them have become my friends)!

All of this will change.

So the thought of moving is… well… strange.

But it’s so I can go to my dream school. It’s good to be more independent. It’s good to see who I’ll become when I’m on my own.

And I’m sure, when I get down there, it’ll be great. I will manage. I’ll do better than manage, though, I’ll flourish.

It’s just a change.
Change is scary.
But good.

In the meantime, though, I need to take a bunch of pictures of Alaska. Yes, I have a million pictures of Alaska. And yes I will be back for Christmas and (probably) a week next summer, but really, I don’t know when I’ll be back. I might find an amazing opportunity that is only in Portland and I have to be okay with that. I will be okay with that.

So, to allow me to be okay with that, I will take pictures to PROVE I AM FROM ALASKA.

(Okay, so maybe Portland people aren’t as amazed by that since they are kind of similar, but other Lower 48ers are just astonished by it so I need proof.)

Anyway, I will go camping with my family. I will do crazy stuff with my friends. I will go to a wedding AT THE ZOO! (Which I am psyched about!) And I will take pictures. I’ll make memories here in Alaska to look back at in Portland. (And I’ll make memories in Portland to bring back here, too.)

All in all, it will be awesome.

Because I am awesome.

I hope everyone has a lovely Fourth of July Weekend!
Warmest regards,
Post Script – I saw this really cute girl today in passing and I wrote a poem, because I’m artistic like that.


I saw a cutie today.
No, not the orange,
The weird tiny fruit made only for children
That are actually kind of good
For everybody.

This cutie walked past my car.
No, rushed really
Unaware of my staring
Not creepy or weird
Just captivated.

In my mind I saw things.
Don’t go in the gutter, I say.
I saw pixie wings and horns
Dragons and beasts and creatures all tamed
By her.

The little five-year-old
In a green shirt, dark pants
Skipping by her father’s side.
A sweet cutie and
Little muse.

– Did you think I was going to write about an adult ‘cute girl’? Well, I did. But not on here. I posted the one about the little girl instead. Am I a little bit evil today? Perhaps…