Watch Out World – ERP Is Out There

Yup, that’s right world. One of the books I’ve edited is out on the street, taking names and exciting readers everywhere. My good friend Michelle Magly had her new book – Chronicles of Osota – Warrior – just came out a few days ago and, my goodness, it’s beautiful. It’s a great story with vivid characters and a solid plotline. As one who knows how difficult to get anything published, I’m happy that her first solo book is out there (and that there are more on the way). It’s an awesome achievement and I hope to see more of her work in the future. In fact, I know I will. She’s a great writer, damn it! But there’s one other reason why I’m thrilled that it story “made it” in the publishing world. 

It’s edited by me.

I give that it’s own line because it’s a great accomplishment for me. I’ve been editing seriously for over three years now, ever since I graduated college in 2011 and decided to start my own freelance editing company. I’ve edited a ton of things – technical documents, papers, poem anthologies, multiple novels, emails, letters, screenplays – so many things over the years. Now I keep in touch with them and how their edits have been coming along, what their plan for publication is. (Self, Indie, Small, The Big Six, there are so many options!) And for one reason or another, the fiction work has not gotten to that final stage of publication. (I say the fiction work because the other documents do go out into the public eye, the technical documents and such, and I’m so happy to help make their work shine! My name just usually isn’t on the documents – I’m a ninja editor!) 

Michelle’s work is the first. My name is attached as Editor. Edit. Revise. Perfect. is OUT THERE! Thanks to Desert Palm Press, some awesome authors, and one great opportunity, my name is actually out there.

And I’m so excited. *happydance*

Desert Palm Press publishes some awesome lesbian fiction, check out Warrior and their other books if you’re interested!

Have a wonderful weekend.
Warm regards,


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