It’s been awhile since I updated everyone, so here goes.

Classes (Because, let’s face it, this is the only thing we do here in grad school. Kidding!) 

This term I’m taking 13 credits. Last term I took 9, so this is a whole extra class. I tried not to freak out about it over winter break. Thus far it hasn’t been too bad, though. Granted, we’re only two weeks into the term so that could change, but for now I’m handling the class load pretty well.

Book Editing: Honestly I thought I’d have a leg up on this class, because I have a freelance editing business and the people I work with and for seem to really love my editing style. (Yay!) But it’s challenging. Which isn’t to say that it’s bad, it’s just a bit of a shock. Mostly because the first thing we’re going over is copyediting. Turns out there are multiple levels of copyediting—something I was gleefully unaware of until this class—and the copyediting that I do is called ‘heavy’. Well, we’re not doing ‘heavy’ copyediting; we’re doing ‘light’ copyediting. It’s hard, guys. I’m so used to ripping sentences apart and then putting them back together correctly, that loosing that ability is jarring for me. I can only correct punctuation, spelling, hyphenation, the treatment of italics and bolds and grammar stuff. If a sentence is clear and able to be understood by a reader, even if it’s a super awkward sentence, I can’t touch it. If there’s a stray comma I get to ax it. But not much more. But I’m going to learn, damn it! (Thank goodness we’re doing a workshop in it on Tuesday.)

Book Design and Production: This class has been pretty fun thus far! We’ve learned all about typefaces and done some InDesign work. Our first two projects were interesting—for the first project we had to go through fonts and pick certain ones that matched certain words and then for the second one we had to create three typeface sheets. We’re also picking a book in the public domain to design as the final project. I picked Peter Pan. (And, yes, mostly because of Hook. And all the other Peter Pan movies I’ve seen.) We are also doing a paper that we will design, too, but I’m still trying to research something interesting.

Game Design for Writers: While the other two classes above are Core Classes, this one is an elective. It’s a completely online course with no books and no syllabus. Crazy, right? It’s supposed to be a game. Thus far it’s gotten some… interesting reviews and some people have dropped out, but I’m going to stick with it because it is fun for me and not as stressful as the other classes. (Because I don’t have a syllabus, I don’t know what to expect. Will there be a huge report monster looming behind the door or a bouncy reply-to-this-topic blob instead?) Plus, this week we get to learn about different game design models and some game design terminology, so that should be fun.

Publishing Lab: This is my 1 credit course (that feels like 4 credits because of the hours we put in) having to do with Ooligan Press. I’m still on the Write to Publish team and the conference is coming up fast—it’s two weeks away!—so that’s pretty exciting. We’re trying to pull everything together. If you’re free on Saturday, January 31, and are in or near the Portland area, come to the conference! I think it’s going to be a lovely event. My blogpost (usually due two weeks after the term started) was pushed back to after the conference. I was annoyed at first about it, but then I got over being annoyed. After all, it frees up this weekend for me a little bit, so that’s good!

That’s all my classes. Like I said earlier, thus far I’ve been handling it well. Talk to me during midterms or finals, though, and we’ll see what happens.

I hope work/school/life is treating everyone wonderfully!

Until next time!
Warm regards,