On Being Published

Hello everyone,

I’m published!

*does a happy dance*

I was picked up by Pathos Literary Magazine for their Fall of 2014 issue. The copies just hit the stands this week and I grabbed one to bask in the glory of being published…


Kidding, kidding!

It really is an honor to have my work selected though. I was particularly fond of the piece – The Damsel’s Knight – and I hope the readers of Pathos like it, too. It was one of my first flash fiction pieces to write. Plus, it’s fantasy!

And it has dragons.

So what’s not to love, right?

If you’re in Portland and see this issue on the stands, pick it up and check out the lovely work inside.

Pathos, Fall 2014
Pathos, Fall 2014

Be sure to read my flash fiction piece on Page 12…

Pathos, Fall 2014, The Damsel’s Knight

But also check out all the other wonderful prose, poetry, and artwork inside it, too.

Until next time!
Warm regards,