Achievements: Unlocked

So, a lot happened while I was on vacation and the few weeks after I got back. The U.S. Supreme Court decided marriage equality is the way to go, Donald Trump apparently got fired from a few different places, and Greece is going through a debt crisis. Plus, Jurassic World came out, the Legend of Korra ship Korrasami is going to be a comic book series, and marijuana was legalized in Oregon.

Obviously much more happened than what I mentioned above. (And probably much more important stuff, honestly, but those things caught my eye.)

These are all pretty big things.

But these are big things to a larger community, a larger universe, and a larger sense of whole.

Larger than me.

I, however, also had a few big things happen. Achievements I unlocked, so to say. Things that live in my little bubble of existence.

  • Two more books I edited came out from Desert Palm Press – Wylde About Her, by Beth Wylde and New Cuts, Old Wounds by S. L. Kassidy – which brings my grand total of published works for DPP up to six since I started in the beginning of 2014. I’ve been working with them for over a year and a half now, and I’ve loved every minute of it!
  • I’m going to be a moderator for the Willamette Writers Conference “How to Develop an Author Platform” and will be representing Ooligan Press. I’m currently doing research on how to moderate a panel successfully, research on the panelists, and brainstorming questions to ask.
  • Write to Publish 2016 got some sponsors, raffles, and vendors. (Including two pretty freaking huge things that I’ll talk about in a later post.) It finally feels like we’re moving along.
  • I secured an internship with Ripple Grove Press, starting in the fall. This is a super cool opportunity, because it’ll allow me to see how another publisher works, gain new insight in the publishing world, and use the skills I’ve been acquiring to help their business grow and succeed. Plus, I get credit for it!
  • I’m also going to be a copyeditor for the Portland State Vanguard, starting possibly next week, and a PSU Chronicles blogger, starting in the fall. These two things are combined because they are related to PSU in the broader sense, not Ooligan Press. The Vanguard is a school newspaper and the Chronicles is a school blog. I’m excited about these two opportunities, because it will allow me to use both editing and writing, two big passions of mine. Bonus Point: I get paid!

These are pretty big things for my little bubble.

Warm regards,

Post Script – I read a blog earlier this week about planning blogposts ahead of time. It was a good idea, very meta in a way, and it’s something I’m going to try. I have a few ideas cooking in my head, but I wondered, did you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see on this blog? (Publishing, life stuff, advice on writing or editing, cats, dragons…?)


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