LifeHack: De-Stress Post

So, a bunch of people are stressed around this time, myself included. Because of that, I’ve decided to put together a post with a bunch of cute animals I found on the internet in hopes to ease some of their stress (and mine)…because why the hell not?


Pomeranian puppies
Four puppies of the purebred pomeranian-dog

Also, here are links to Buzzfeed articles about The 27 Best Red Panda Gifs, 33 Animal Gifs That Are Guaranteed to Make You Laugh, and 27 Gifs So Cute They Might Actually Kill You. Enjoy.

Now, take a deep breath, realize you are amazing and smart and will get through all of this, and have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.

Warm regards,

Paris, France

I can’t believe Paris, France, suffered such a tragedy tonight.

I feel sad. And angry. And scared.

But I also feel hopeful, in a way.

Because people helped.

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping” – Mr. Rogers

As Hank said in his vlog today, disconnect if you want to, disengage if you want to, watch live streams of the happenings if you want to, get angry or sad or terrified if you want to. Now is the time for feelings.

“I want to think about the people who risked their lives to save people and help people. I want to think about the people who’ve lost people. And I want to think about the people who’ve been lost.” – Hank Green

To that I add, feel them, or don’t. Express them, or don’t.

Do what is right for you and yours.

All my thoughts go out to Paris tonight. Stay safe out there, my dear readers, stay safe.

Warm regards,

Being an Exhibitor at Literary Arts Wordstock

Wordstock. A one-day celebration of books. Panels, workshops, readings, LitCrawl, food trucks, beer garden, and books, books, books galore. Packed with so many activities, this event was just up every publishing professional, bookseller, author, writer, and reader in the Portland area and beyond. It was packed!

Being an exhibitor was a lovely experience. There were swells of people, sometimes super crowded, sometimes less so. From 12-2-ish, the place was literally packed. Like claustrophobic packed. And it was great! Having Ripple Grove Press‘ books in front of the eyes of so many people was marvelous. Plus, a bunch of people came over to talk to us and bought our books!

The signings we had went well – I met two of our authors! – and I even got to check on the Ooligan Press table for a little bit to see how they were doing. Ooligan seemed to have a really great day, too, so that made me happy. (Gotta keep tabs on both of my publishing companies, you know? Now, how’s Desert Palm Press doing? *checks their social media accounts* They’re doing good, too! Happiness all around!)

I found that if you wave and smile at people, they’ll come over. I found that some people only want to read the books and move on and some people really love chatting. I found that some people just want a bookmark, which is cool because the bookmarks were beautiful.

We got asked a bunch of questions about the publishing house: how we run things, if we take submissions, what publishers do in the grand scheme of publishing. It was nice that I could answer most of the questions and, if I couldn’t, I directed them to the real publishers Rob and Amanda. (After all, I’m the intern! <- I used that a little bit when I didn’t know the answer, too.) I had a little speal – because, come on, it’s me – but I didn’t use it as much as I expected.

It was a good day overall. I got some valuable experience in the publishing world, met a bunch of people (including some for Write to Publish 2016!), and got to talk about books all day. I call that a win.

Did anyone in the lovely blogosphere go to Wordstock this weekend?
Warm regards,