Into The Thick Of It

It’s been a pretty crazy past few weeks. Good crazy, fun crazy, that excited crazy that happens over the holidays. I had a lovely time with my family and friends. (I hope you did, too, by the way!)

This was my first week of my second to last term in grad school. Monday, the first day of my second to last term in grad school, was a snow day. It was also my birthday. After that random day off from work, I was back in the thick of it: classes, projects, syllabi, new teams, new ToDo lists, new blogposts to be written, new articles to edit, new schedules, and all new things to freak out about.

The first week is historically pretty relaxed in class, with the random icebreakers, the quick introduction to the syllabi, the even faster overview of the main points of class. And in Business of Book Publishing class, that was pretty true.

But at Ooligan Press? Heck no.

Chelsea and I emailed back and forth that Sunday and Monday, we had Exec, met our new team, and had PrOps on Wednesday, and then Chels and I met again on today. Just for Write to Publish stuff.

Because as of right now, it’s three weeks away.


We’ve had our downs—a vendor dropped out—and ups—we got a new one!—over the holiday and during this first week, but overall I think we’re in a good spot. We have a pretty big team and a comprehensive January ToDo.

I’m excited about Write to Publish. I’m going to be a bundle of nerves until after the closing speech, but I’m excited, too. Everything I’ve been working towards since March of last year will come to fruition on January 30th. And I can’t wait to see how it all pans out.

How did your first week of classes go? Have anything exciting happening this month? Let me know in the comments!

Warm regards,


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