Mira Jacob Gave a Compelling Speech at PubWest 2016, Listen Here

Hello friends,

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to hear a woman named Mira Jacob talk. It was for my Business of Book Publishing class, and it was a recording from a speech given at PubWest 2016. Mira Jacob, you may recall, is the woman who tried to give a speech about diversity last year and no one listened.

The speech is powerful. It’s centered on diversity and race in publishing, but, really, it’s about more than that, it’s about making humans understand each other, about doing the work to make everyone feel included, represented, and respected. Everyone should listen to this speech, regardless of if you’re in the publishing business or not. Everyone needs to hear these words.


Listen. Because what she’s saying really matters. And let me hear your thoughts about it in the comments, I’d love to start a dialogue about this.

Warm regards,


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