What To Make For Dinner: A Writer’s Late-Night Quandary

It’s happened again. Like so many times before, I got caught up in writing a scene, or a page, or a chapter, that I neglected the time and when I finally looked up from my Word document it’s 9:50pm. Way past dinnertime. So, what’s a writer to make? Here are my quick and easy top five dishes to prepare when in a late-night quandary:

*note: these dishes aren’t sanctioned by any nutritionist. They are merely what I gravitate toward.

  1. Pasta – Yes, pasta, it’s fast and simple, throw a pot of water on the stove, wait a few minutes for it to boil, then throw the pasta in. I like mine plain with butter or olive oil, some herbs, and parmesan. But if you like sauce, just throw some in a pan and call it good. Quick & Easy Score: 8
  2. Leftovers – Just like the pasta, only with less variety because you probably had this for dinner the night before, just throw the leftovers in a pan (or in the microwave if you’ve got one) and heat that sucker up. Quick & Easy Score: 9
  3. Frozen Veggies – Don’t knock it till you try it. I’ve had many a night where it was too late to even heat things up and I just go ahead and eat the veggies frozen. I like the broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower mixture. (I’m not weird…you’re weird!) Quick & Easy Score: 10
  4. Baked Potato – Okay, so this one may seem weird for a late night, but think of it this way. The time it takes you to actually bake the potato (for me that’s between 20-50 minutes depending on how I prepare it) can be used to finishing up that scene! I like my potatoes to be the sweet variety, but any type of potato will do. Quick & Easy Score: 7
  5. Cookies – When the time ticks past ten or eleven, I just call off the dinner plans and go straight for dessert. Sure, I’ll be super hungry in the morning but I also don’t want to eat too much late at night. Bonus points if you have milk to go with it! (I’m sure you could substitute cookies with, say, an apple or some other fruit and some peanut butter—and sometimes I do!—but I have a real hankering for a cookie right now.) Quick & Easy Score: 10

So there you have it. Five quick and easy dinners for your late-night quandary after a long evening of writing. Sometimes time gets away from you, but your eating habits don’t have to suffer. (Much!)

What are some things you like to eat after your writing consumes you?
Warm regards,

April 8th

Finding Hekate, my science fiction book, will be set into the wild on April 8th. NEXT MONTH! I had a lovely chat with my publisher about the logistics of things on Wednesday night and we went over a bunch of marketing ideas I brainstormed. Since Desert Palm Press is a small publisher, I will be doing 90% of the marketing ideas I thought up. Authors are the Number One Champion of their book, though, so I’m more than happy to do it! Plus, this allows me to utilize the skills I’ve learned in my book publishing classes in the real world. (I admit, it’s different doing these things as an author rather than a publisher, but quite a few things transfer over.)

I’ve included my plan of attack for the next few weeks:
March Week 13th-19th
Content Creation Phase

  • Social Media posts: Continuing the awareness posts, generating more, while also crafting ones to post during the launch phase
  • Media Artifacts: Creating new ones, based on images or quotes from the manuscript, continuing to post the ones I created already
  • Press Release
  • Cool interesting ideas I could guest blog about

Writing Drafts (of Letters and stuff)

  • Pitch letters to influencers: Including Facebook/Twitter posts they could share/repost, tiers of engagement
  • Pitch letters to request interviews/articles
  • Pitch letters to request a spot in newsletters: Accompanying newsletter blurb they can just cut/paste into their own
  • (Do the work for them for influencers and newsletter peeps!)

Finishing Up The Manuscript – One Last Pass

  • My publisher will get the manuscript to me on Monday, I have to go through it and double/triple check the edits
  • Due back Friday at the latest
  • Will try to get through it quickly so the proofreaders have more time with it

Wonder About a Launch

  • Should I do a book launch or gathering? If so, where? If so, how?
  • If yes: Order more paper books.

Print Bookmarks


March Week 20th-26th
Social Media Posts

  • Continue posting things on social media relating to or about the manuscript
    • Including media artifacts!

Guest Blog

  • Approach bloggers to see if I can guest blog


  • Approach scifi and LGBT sites to see if they’d like to do an interview or article about me

Refine Drafts

  • all the things written last week (letters and such)


  • Write the draft for my first newsletter
  • Post about it on social media sites (“If you want to know more, sign up!”)

March Week 27th-2nd


  • Social Media Posts
  • Guest Blogs (followup, writing them)
  • Interviews/Articles (followup)
  • Newsletters burst (followup)

Refine Newsletter, Gain More People

  • Wanna know more? Check out my newsletter!
  • Or something like that


  • Go to AWP for Ooligan Press stuff
  • Also promote myself!

April Week 3rd-9th


  • Social Media Posts
  • Guest Blogs (any other opportunities)

Send first newsletter

  • Yay!
  • My book!
  • Other cool space things.

Send influencer emails

  • Send pitch letter and tweet/FB post
  • Make sure the posts have a link to buy!
    • will I have the link by then?
    • If not, move this to Week 10th-16th

April 8th 

  • Celebrate!
  • Update website with real date/link to buy!

April Week 10th-16th

Launch? Reading? Gathering?

  • If I am doing this, this is the week I’d probably get it done.

Send influencer emails (for sure)

  • Link to buy!


So, yeah, this is my plan of attack for the next few weeks concerning Finding Hekate. I have so much to do, but I have to remind myself to stop and enjoy this process, too. I tend to get single-minded when my ToDo list is in front of me, but this is a huge deal for me – a dream come true! – and I have to sit with it for a bit, process it, and celebrate.

What kinds of things did you do when your book was published? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!
Warm regards,


Clexa – An Overused (and hurtful) Trope

So. “The 100” is a good show. I fell in love with it over the summer and fall, watched every episode obsessively, up to Season 2. After that I had to focus on other things, school and W2P and grad prep and such.

But I heard about Clexa. The romance between lesbian commander Lexa and bisexual spacer Clark. They were both incredibly powerful leaders, one in a post-apocalyptic world and one exiled from a space station.

I was excited about this couple, sure, because finally we get some representation around mainstream media. And a couple that seemed to have a future together, especially since the show seems to be a beacon of positive LGBT representativeness.

Episode 7 changed that, though.

In case you haven’t heard, Lexa died. Yes, they killed off the lesbian, right after she had made love to Clark, I might add.

Is this an overused trope in TV? Hell yes.

Was it necessary to the storyline? Perhaps.

Will I ever know? Nope. Because I don’t want to watch the show anymore.

Killing off lesbian characters (or any LGBT character) just for the shock factor is kind-of like how The Walking Dead killed off that little kid and his mother in their returning episode. It was just plain dumb.

Here are some comments from the community about it…

“They deserved better.” @raquelmanas 

“Queer girls are special, powerful, and live long happy lives all the time. Your lives will be more than those of the characters you see on television. Queer girls are heroes. They change the world and they fall in love or maybe they don’t. They live in the world. Every day. All of you do. Please keep doing that. If the characters you love can’t, do it for them. Keep living. Be a hero, fall in love, get your heart broken, break hearts, have great sex, change the world, have kids if you want them, have generations of a family, write your story on this universe. Queer girls live.” @laynemorganto Clexa fans

“I thought for once there is going to be a show that does an LGBTQ relationship correctly, and I had complete and utter faith in the writers of The 100 that they would keep their relationship alive and flourishing.” @sillytilley-33

“Do not tell Clexa shippers to ‘chill’ or ‘calm down’ when people are legitimately hurt over the violent on screen murder of a lesbian character. A rare lesbian character. One who inspired a lot of follows for a show that will likely get another season because of us.” @ helebette

Why all this outburst? Because it happens too often. And because it’s not fair. And because it hurts.

People reacted differently. Some people unfollowed the writers. Some people banished the show from their TVs and streams. Other people delivered death threats (which is never a good way to prove anything).

But some light came out of this, too.

My writer friend Rae D. Magdon gave out over one hundred of her own books that had positive representation and a happy ending for lesbian couples. If you want or need more books, check out Desert Palm Press. There are many books by Rae, Sy Itha, Michelle Magly and others who have positive representation of love and happy endings for queer characters. I’m happy that my book Finding Hekate will also be joining their ranks later on this month.

My other writer friend Michelle Magly is doing a Twitch stream about happy gay stories in video game form on Sunday. She also gave away free, signed copies of her book that had positive romantic representation.

A writer I just met via Tumblr started a whole blog called CreativeWLW dedicated to wlw (women loving women) original content. Taken from a blogpost directly from it: “I want to use this blog as a place to support and showcase these talents, to hopefully bring attention to media created by us and for us, media that respects us.”

If you want to read some badass fanfic with positive lesbian relationships, check out my page – Serenity Quill. The ladies in my fics go through some crap, sure, but they have their happily ever after in the end.

Light can come out of darkness. We can band together. Shout together. Create together. This misrepresentation, stereotypical, over-used trope doesn’t define us. We define us.

But I do ask this one thing to all the lovely queer ladies out there. Please remember, TV and movies aren’t real life. Queer ladies can have a happily ever after. And we will.

Keep on creating. Keep on living. Keep on loving.

What will you do?

Warm regards,