Job Hunting Is Hard, Guys!

Hello everyone!

It’s time for another life update. I’m in a weird bubble at the moment. I graduated last month with my MS in Book Publishing. I was super psyched about it—obviously—and I’m quite proud that I accomplished that goal—again obviously—but now I’m in a bit of a pickle. Two and a half-ish years after I quit my full-time job at MLFA in Eagle River and four and a half-ish years since I last looked for a full-time job, I’m back trying to find another one.

And guess what I forgot in my years away from the hunt?

Job hunting is hard, guys!

I did it a bit before I graduated—and landed an interview!—but then stopped for my family vacation, so I started over two weeks ago. I’ve since applied to numerous jobs, emailed a bunch of companies that didn’t have “Jobs” listed anywhere on their website to see if they have openings, and got rejected from more places that I want to mention.

Trying to find jobs that match my skills, spending all this time crafting cover letters, and redoing my resume to match the companies’ needs takes forever. And then there’s the waiting…the waiting is agony. Of course I don’t wait for the companies to get back to apply to another position—simultaneous applications all over the place!—but still, the waiting for companies to get back is crazy. I know that companies have different timetables than applicants do. I know they have a bunch of stuff on their end and other tasks might take priority. I get it, really, and I try not to be sitting on pins and needles for each application, but that’s hard not to do.

So I was pleasantly surprised that after applying to a job (with HANK AND JOHN GREEN! *falls over*) over the weekend, they had a little note saying they’d get back to the applicants by July 15 and if we hadn’t heard anything, assume we didn’t get past this first bit. This is so thoughtful it just made me want to work for them even more and if I’m ever in the position to be hiring someone, I hope to be able to do the same. I’m super excited about this particular job though, so I hope to land a second interview with them! Until then, I’m going to keep applying to ALL THE JOBS (that seem appropriate and interesting, which is a whole different thing smashing around in my brain) and keeping my fingers crossed that I land something sometime soon.

TL;DR – Job hunting is hard, but I’m excited about the possibility of working with Hank and John Green.

Do you have any sage advice about looking for a full-time job? Leave a comment!

I hope you’re having a lovely day!
Warm regards,



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