A Wild Monday Night Post Appears

*blows off the dust that’s been gathering at the corners of the blog, dusts some cobwebs away*

Oh, hello there! It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? Yes, yes, it looks like the last time I posted was *checks last post* all the way back in January 2020. Wow!

Is anyone surprised that this blog was pushed to the corner of my mind once again? Well, if you’ve been one of my readers, you really shouldn’t be.

Why? you may ask.


…but honestly…

I don’t make enough time for this blog.

There, I said it. I don’t make enough time for blogging. I don’t know why that is either. I like writing. I like chatting about my grand adventures (none of which have been happening of late because…well…you know). I like posting writing advice and cute cat photos and publishing news and the like.

I just don’t carve enough time out of my week to do so.

I’ve tried calendar reminders. I’ve tried phone notifications. I’ve tried to write many posts at once so I could schedule them. I even have a Word doc on my desktop titled “cool things to blog about!”

I just…don’t.


And it can’t be because I’m “too busy” because I just started to create a fantasy map on a new program called Inkarnate because I think that’ll be fun and interesting and quite frankly, way better than the one I drafted in Adobe Illustrator. I have “time” for that. (I think.)

I have been writing, too. I joined Fantasy Faction last year so I’ve been doing monthly posts for them, the most recent one: Feb 2019 about the new Firefly comic.(I’ve submitted others since then but they have a bit of a backlog.)

I’ve also been working on my adult fantasy series, book two, Orenda’s story. I still have to come up with a better name for it though. I’m nearly complete with my round of revisions and will be shipping it off to my publisher in July of this year. That’s right: JULY OF THIS YEAR. So crazy.

And of course I’ve been working at my day job and freelance editing and playing D&D and reading some fabulous books and doing all the nerdy stuff you know and love me for.

So why not this?

Honestly, I don’t know.

I’ll try to be better. I’ll try to blog more often…once a month sounds doable, right?


Well…we’ll see.

Until then, wash your hands, tell someone you love them…you know the drill by now. ❤
Warm regards,
The Never-Blogger (aka: Kellie)

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