When Authors Fall

With all the fervor surrounding J.K. Rowling and as part of the queer community, I felt like I have to speak up.

Firstly, if any of my readers are trans (or if anyone seeing this is trans), let me tell you this: trans women are women, trans men are men, and trans lives matter. Non-binary people matter. I see you all, I respect you all, and I believe we should all live and love without judgment. ❤

So here’s the thing, I grew up with the Harry Potter books. It’s safe to say ~ and I always do~ that reading Harry Potter inspired me to become a writer and to create magical (and tech-riddle and fabulous) worlds of my own. With all the flaws I can see looking back at Harry Potter, I still really do love the series. It’s nostalgic, like a warm blanket that takes me back into my childhood and reminds me that magic still exists. I own all the books, I have a bunch of merch, I’ve watched all the movies, and I went to the opening day of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and happily waited seven hours to get inside. The series will hold a special place in my heart.

That being said, what Rowling said in her blogpost – and has said in the past concerning *waves her hand at all the problematic and transphobic Tweets* all of this – is wrong and hurtful to a large group, and as a longtime fan, I am honestly so disappointed in her. I will no longer support any future books written by her. I unfollowed her on her social media platforms. She’s a fallen author in my eyes, and I hope she sincerely apologizes for her hurtful words.

However, I think this is where we can separate the work from the author, especially since Harry Potter is a backlist title. I believe that once the book is published, it’s out there in the world and out there for the readers. The author can’t really do much about it. (As much as the author would desperately want to, see Rowlings “additions” via random Tweets…or actually, don’t.) Now perhaps this is my nostalgic glasses sliding down my nose because I can’t bear to let Harry Potter go, but to be honest, I think we – the Harry Potter fandom – can keep the series. Can hold the beloved books close to our chest. Can even keep our houses if it makes us happy. (Though it’s clear on the Twitterverse that perhaps we should stop sorting into houses? There are some super fun other sorts – like D&D alignments, elements, even other books!) It’s not a perfect series by any means, but it is quite special to me.

So I think even though the author has fallen and let her fans down, we, as the fandom, can keep that Harry Potter magic inside of us. For as long as we want to.

Don’t forget to love each other!
Warm regards,


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