My name is Kellie Doherty. I moved from Eagle River, Alaska, to Portland, Oregon, in the hopes to complete a Masters of Science in Book Publishing from Portland State University. Living in Portland has many benefits, the people are kind and the weather is crisp (as long as you don’t mind the rain).

I’m a writer at heart. My debut novel – Finding Hekate – was published by Desert Palm Press on April 8th! You can see what it’s about on my Books Section! I’ve had a few of my shorter works published in PathosF Magazine, Alaska Woman Speak, Flashquake, and The Chugiak Eagle River Star.

I also edit! Check out my Editing Services page for information about Edit. Revise. Perfect., my freelance business based here in Oregon. Can’t get to Oregon? Never fear! I can still help you via electronic editing. (Technology!)

Anyway, this blog is dedicated to the craft of writing, editing, and twists and turns of the publishing world. If you like that kind of stuff, follow me!

Aside from writing and editing, I also like to hike, bike ride, read, hang out with my friends and family, and even skydive occasionally. (Okay, once, in a iSky adventure, but that counts!) I have two cats.

Feel free to ask me questions or post comments. I’d love to chat!


9 thoughts on “About

    • Hey!

      Thanks for the comment! I absolutely love snow, but up here in Alaska our drivers tend to freak out a bit the first month it hits too. Your site is quite interesting, I like the layout – very clean and crisp.

  1. Good morning, Kellie, and thanks for following Prairie Sky Publishing. I hope you find it encouraging. Oh, and I’m a former Portland resident! Lived there for five years. It definitely is a beautiful place. Have a wonderful day!

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