Hello fellow nerds and writers,

Here’s a writing update (and basically a ToDo List for myself):

Things I Didn’t Get:
– I submitted “Beware The Temptress Comes” to PodCastle and it got to the final round of reviews but ultimately didn’t get on the podcast.

Things I’ve Submitted To:
Nerdfighter Poetry Book – I submitted “The Criminality of Love” to these guys in April, and they closed their submissions in June! It would be so cool to get in their book, as I’ve been a fan of Hank and John for years. Plus, I love this poem and think it would fit perfectly with their vibe.
Shimmer – Because I didn’t get into PodCastle (yet!!), I submitted “Beware the Temptress Comes” to Shimmer on Tuesday of last week. They say it takes two weeks to get back, so I marked it on the calendar. I’ve been trying to find a place for Beware for the longest time, and I hope they like it.
Windfall – I submitted a brand new poem “A Frost-Tipped Memory” to Windfall on Friday of last week. I’m pretty proud of this new poem. It’s about Eagle River, Alaska, during the winter so calling up how the snow felt did wonders for me right now. (It’s currently 85 degrees in Portland and is supposed to get up to 106 this week!)

Things I Plan To Submit To:
PseudoPod – They’re the horror-themed sub-podcast from PodCastle and they open up for flash fiction and short stories in mid-August, so I’m going to submit “The Curse.”
Mutifarious Press – They’re looking for queer short stories for their anthology and I’d like to submit to them, one for fantasy and one for science fiction. The deadline is August 31 and I have a few character ideas, but I haven’t penned them quite yet.

My Fantasy Series:
I am SO FAR BEHIND in editing the first novel it’s not even funny. I keep on thinking about things I need to add to the story that what I really need is a solid sit-down with the novel so I can hash out all the things I’d like to do and get on with it. For example, I’d like to get to know my characters better, so I can portray them more realistically. I just finished reading the Shades of Magic trilogy by V. E. Schwab, and she does SO WELL at portraying her characters that it makes me want to do better with mine. SO. MANY. THINGS! Anyway, I love the magic and creatures and storyline, so it’s going well overall.

So many things to do!! I’ve been reading so many wonderful stories that it makes me want to write even better. That’s the good thing about writing (and life in general), you can always do things better than the last time. You can always, always, always get better.

Fellow Writers: How have your writings been going?
Fellow Nerds: Now that I’m done with the Shades of Magic trilogy, what should I read next?

Until next time!
Warm regards,


Starting the Next Novel

One of the most exciting things an author can do is start working on their next big thing, whether it’s a novel, a poem, a short story or flash. Even working on a new article is thrilling. You get to start all over again – or as my case would have it, continue on with the story since I’m working on a duology – and create something from nothing, tackle the white space on a page, form new characters with new backgrounds, loves, loathes and everything in between. There’s a new plot to be created, new twists and turns, and a setting that has to be vibrant and fresh. And, if you’re writing articles or non-fiction, you get to interview all new people, share their stories, and interweave them together into one coherent knowledgeable piece. It’s literally a start-over, a chance to do whatever you want to in the story realm, to break rules and make new ones, to just… explore and see where you land.

It’s one of the best feelings in the world, in my opinion.

But it can also be the scariest.

All that white space, all those new characters, all those new people, plus not to mention all the words, paragraphs and pages that need to be written and the edit-and-revise process we’re all so fond of… well, it can be daunting. A lot of work goes into the written word.

But this morning as I was walking from my warm car to my relatively warm work building I noticed something different about my little town of Eagle River. A fresh coat of white sparkled and covered everything, from the streetlamps and roads to the pathway to my building. My breath clouded before me and a chill raced up my spine. It had snowed. And everything looked new again. I even had to blaze my own trail to work. In that momentary frolic, I realized that whatever path I decided to take, whether it is a straight line, zigzagged, or circular, as long as I got to the door it would be the right path to take. It’s the same for working on a new piece – whatever you decide to do will be right, as long as you finish it in the end and are proud of what you created.

So while starting anew may be a tad bit frightening (yes, there will be times I sit up late at night over a cup of tea and think Oh my gosh, I’ve written myself into a corner! How can I ever fix this?) try to focus on the fun of it, the adventure of it, and the love that you have for writing. It’ll be much more exciting that way.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Warm regards,